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Cluster Sets


A few years ago I learned of Brian Johnson and his Zone Training method which is one of the best things I ever applied to my training.

Another things he mentioned using in his training are 'Cluster Sets'. I really like using these too . I like doing 3 reps followed with a 3 deep breath break ( about 6 seconds) and continue with a reduction in resistance when using a machine with a weight stack. I just like the feeling of those first three reps being as difficult as the last three.

I'm curious about how those who do it this with a barbell as a resistance go about picking the weight to use ? Do pick your 8 rep max and pause after every three reps , a 10 rep max resistance , etc ?

Thanks for your replies .

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Texas, USA

For 5 mini-sets of 3, I'd use my 5RM or 6RM. If you don't get the 5 sets the first time, work up to it.
Start deliberately light and use strict form, then add 5 to 10 lbs (depending on the exercise) each week.
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Texas, USA

Oh, I see the other part of your question nestled in there: You were curious about re-racking the BB too?

Yes, I do re-rack when using a BB with this method.

Obviously, if I were doing something like Overhead or BN Presses, I'd go with a machine for clusters.

I'd also avoid things like DB Inclines or other movements where the weight must be cleaned or otherwise 'powered' into position.
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