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Arthur Jones Trains Casey Viator
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fabricio B. L.

Texas, USA

Good afternoom everyone,my name is Fabricio,I'm from Brazil,I am 23 years old,now a days I'm live in Houston TX,I love bodybuildind,and I' want to be a bodybuilder,but the big problem is:

I'm training by myself,and I don't know the routine tht I have to follow,I bought the book,"The New HIT",but i didn't recive yet,anyway,It'll be a pleasure for me to read somebody's opnion,whith sequence of training i should follow?!
Thank you very much.
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fabricio B. L.

Texas, USA

Hi sir,first of all,It's a big pleasure talk to you.Which routine would you sugest for a new bodybuilder,..I mean,routine of exercises,Is this on the new HIT book?!Thank you so much.
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Ellington Darden

fabricio B. L. wrote:
Hi sir,first of all,It's a big pleasure talk to you.Which routine would you sugest for a new bodybuilder,..I mean,routine of exercises,Is this on the new HIT book?!Thank you so much.

Everything you need to get started is in "The New Bodybuilding" and "The New HIT" books.


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After reading a good many of the posts here (both positive and negative) I just wanted to make a statement here.

I have been involved in hardcore bodybuilding for over 20 years. After being self absorbed with Weider's brand of crappola in the magazines (AKA HVT) , (which are routines written almost ENTIRELY by fat middle aged writers for Flex and M&F), the HIT training that Darden and Mentzer endorse are clearly superior.

I must admit that my revelation to HIT was more through the Heavy Duty Mentzer approach, but I have started to read Darden quite a bit and have been surprised by my own recent training progression and evolution.

I think that Mentzer's/Darden's approach is quite productive, but actually may not add ENOUGH rest and recuperation to the timetable. I have performed my greatest gains on a routine where I train the following:
7-8 days off

7-8 days off

Lats/Traps/Lower Back/Rear Delts/ Biceps
7-8 days off

Then, repeat cycle!

Keep in mind that the routines are mimicking Viator's intensity. Chest day is Heavy flyes (105-125 lb dumbbells to Failure ~6-8 reps) immediately followed by Hammer Strength Incline or Flat Press to Failure (4-8 reps @275-315 lbs), immediately followed by dips to failure.

Another example is Quads:
Leg Press to failure (10-12 plates per side of a Flex Leg Press to Failure ~15-20 reps), immediately followed by leg extensions (stack to failure(~10-15 reps), then immediately followed by Smith Squats to failure (405 * 6 is my current maximum).

All sets are performed to positive failure, with failure on the static hold after this, and if possible (by movement) then negative failure.
I have maintained all of my strength levels of my steroid days (over five years ago now, and my bodyweight is still 270-280, at a height of 5'11".

Interestingly, I am noticing terrific gains on all body workouts like in the NEW HIT book by Darden, but I need at least 4-5 days in between for all soreness to subside (esp in quads and lower back muscles) to repeat the program.

(I just cannot accept going back into the gym to perform resistance training if I am still recuperating. And if I am still sore, then its a given I am not fully recovered, let alone in the GROWTH phase).

I think I will map the progress by my strength levels on both routines in the near future, but the point is: the belief of "decompensation" after 96 hours that so many trainers endorse (not necessarily Darden) has been proven wrong by my workouts. The sessions where I was training a body part once every 21-25 days and gaining strength EVERY workout disproves that handily.

Think about it: You are training on this program 8 days after bombing chest/delts/tris; quads/hams/calves are up today. Do you really think that there will NOT be severe secondary stimulation to the pecs/delts/triceps while performing 400-500 pound SQUATS to failure, and then going to 400-500 lb stiff legged deads? Of course there will! (And the same comparison can be made to the lats exposure on days 1 and 2 in comparison)...

Anyway, great books Dr. Darden, and I am excited to get this new one and see what else is possible in getting bigger and stronger at 35. I love HIT!

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North Carolina, USA

Dr. Darden,

I am new to this site, so this post is really just a general statement rather than a response to this particular article. I am a personal trainer currently training for my first bodybuilding competition (I used to powerlift) at Nautilus in High Point, NC. Randy Haithcock is my trainer, and he always speaks very highly of you and your work, so I just thought I would say hello! Thanks for your obvious influence on my brilliant trainer!!

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Ellington Darden

Randy is a great guy and a quality trainer. Tell him hello for me.

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It's been an absolute pleasure to read about Arthur Jones and Dr. Darden in this thread. I used a program based on Jones' work in 1995. I was 14 years old, and at 5'11, I only weighed 145 lbs. I'd been working out for a year, but I had no idea how important the nutrition aspect of bodybuilding is.

12 weeks later, I had gained 25 lbs. My classmates were amazed that I actually came back larger after the weekends. I'll never forget the progress I made on the program.

Now, 12 years later, I'm 6'1 220 and I'm looking to use the same program all over again, albeit with significantly heavier weights. If I can make even half the progress I made when I was 14, I'll be overjoyed!
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Michigan, USA

Dear Darden,
I have been following your book High Intensity Training and love it. I read your old book Super High Intensity Bodybuilding and noticed that you had more 15 exercise programs than The Nautilus Book that stayed in the 12 exercise range. I trained back in high school using the super but became over trained in the span of a month and a half.

I was then exposed to the Nautilus Book and equipment back in college. The equipment wasn't maintained very well but I knew that the exercise system was valid.

I have been following it off and on for about almost 20 years. I have been following one of your books High Intensity Training for 3 month's I took a 4 week layoff and just completed my first week back to training.

I have tried different forms of training, Mentzer's style, Dorin Yates, Franko Columbu and the Weider system. The one thing that I love about HIT ,done the Dr. Darden way, is the results in whole.

I don't feel like I'm missing something. I get a great workout and cardio at the same time. My strength is coming back steady. I can run after my daughter without getting winded. It is a whole fitness not just getting big or strong.
Thank you Dr. Darden
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Dear Dr. , what type of cardio did Casey do during these training sessions with Arthur Jones. Did he do any cardio at all? I am still sifting throught the pages of your book and the one pic where U have Casey doing a front and back double bi is AWESOME. Thats the look of an Olympian. AWESOME.
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Dr. Draden, what type of cardio did Casey do during these training sessions with Arthur Jones. Did he do any cardio training at all apart from the HIT workouts?
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Ellington Darden

I do not believe he did any cardio.

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Not even the uphill sprints in sand that he had mentioned in your book? How did he dial into such a condition without any cardio at all? Also , what kind of a diet was he on? There is no mention of any diet in the book apart from Andys' diet?
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Ellington Darden wrote:
I do not believe he did any cardio.


Dear Dr, I am currently on a 3 day/ wk whole body schedule that I read in one of your interviews. I plan to change that to "The BIG Routine" from Monday. I also need to bring up my calves desperately. Please advice as to how I can incorporate this deficient zone training into the BIG routine.
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