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Built 11.7 lbs muscle

Chris Madaera
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Keelan Parham
Lost 30 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle

Bob Marchesello
Lost 23.55 lbs fat
Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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Dr. Darden-

Here are my results after two weeks on your HIT 2 week quick start program. My only concern is I feel like I'm not putting on enough size on my arms. I also have a concern about packing on muscle without gaining my fat back. I lost 9 pounds on this program and are very satisfied thus far. Thanks for everything Dr. Darden! FYI before and after pics are in links below!

Brett M.

12/31/05 to 1/14/06

6 feet 221.4 pounds before

6 feet 212.4 pounds after

2 inches above navel - 39 inches before

2inches above navel - 36 3/4 inches after

Waist at navel- 42 inches before Waist at navel- 36 1/2 inches after

2inches below navel- 41 inches before

2inches below navel- 36 inches after

Hips- 42 1/2 inches before
Hips- 39 inches after

Right Thigh- 24 1/2 inches before Right Thigh- 23 1/4 inches after

Left Thigh- 24 inches before
Left Thigh- 23 1/4 inches after

Right Bicep- 15 inches before
Right Bicep- 15 1/4 inches after

Left Bicep- 15 inches before
Left Bicep- 15 1/2 inches after

Neck- 16 1/2 inches before
Neck- 16 inches after






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Ellington Darden


You've done well. Judging from your pictures, you've still got some fat to lose.

You need to get lean before you worry so much about building your arms. Try to get under 200 pounds and then let's re-evaluate.

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Oregon, USA

Dr. Darden,

I am in the Air National Guard, whose new fitness philosophy is "Fit to Fight"... What this means to them is that all Air Force personnel (in order to be "fit") shall have around a 32" waist, be able to run 1.5 miles in under ten minutes, and be able to do a certain number of push-ups and crunches (they're more like sit-ups than crunches) in a minute. For me to get a perfect score, I'd have to do 57 push-ups, 53 sit-ups, run the mile-and-a-half in 9 minutes, 36 seconds, and have the thirty-two inch waist... My concern is that we aren't all skinny distance runners who don't care that much about muscle.

I started the Quick Start program about four weeks ago (I did the first two weeks, then got your bowflex body plan, and continued with that up to now). I started out at 197lbs (I'm now down to 187 and holding for the past week), didn't have the resources to get measurements prior to now, and just wanted to get to a certain point before taking my fitness test (I'm the fitness program manager in my squadron, and therefore need to test before I give the tests).
What I'm wondering is, while following the plans that you set forth, there's no running (which I'd rather not be doing anyways); but in order to pass my test, I need to be doing some sort of running.

So, I've been doing interval training on the treadmill at 2.0% incline on opposite days of the HIT workout. I did not, however, change the eating portion of the plan. Thursday, after making increases on every workout, I started decreasing in what I could lift, by one or two reps in certain pushing exercises. Should I change the eating plan in order to provide for more energy while I'm training for my test? Right now, I'm starting on the second week of 1400 calories/day.

One last thing, this is only a problem for the next week to two weeks because I need to test either by this friday or next friday, depending on where I'm at when I test myself at the end of this week... After my test, I plan on moving into the beginner workout program, or the workout program you've listed at the end of your New HIT book.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time...

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Hi Dr Darden

I have read your book and I am really impressed to read about the HIT training. I have just started the HIt beginneres work out and In the first wo weeks I have noticed a changes. But I have a few questions :

I am in my 3 week of HIT beginners programm, and moving to the loading phase, which is mentioned in the book for 14 days on creatine monohydrate.

I want to know about the measurements for the amount of creatine I would be drinking mixed with water and sugar...
it just seems too much whne i did the conversion from gallons to liters is that correct or if you could tell me the exact amount in liters. and also..the diet which i am following is the one Hudlow followed..but i think i should increase my calorie intake as well...I am sending a picture of mine attached and would like to to hear your comments on itand what else i can do in my diet and cardio if at all..

Kind Regards
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Massachusetts, USA

hey all,
Im new to the forum. Im 22 now, 5'10" 195 about 13 %fat. Some great stuff circulating here. I 'd just like to say how i love the idea of the old-school way, basic exerscises, no ROIDs, just hhitting the iron hard with brute strength. my current routine is

Deadlifts 4-6 reps (425 at the present)
neg chins for about 6 (BW+115 )
neg dips for about 6 (BW+200) (my fav)

then when i feel recoved (about 5-7 days ill hit the same routine but do high rep squats(275 for 17 last workout) instead of the deads. i do all the negs with a 6-10 sec cadence. all i know is after a workout i feel totally exhausted and im extreemly sore all over for days.

Dr Darden, what do you think of this somewhat abbreivated routine?

Ive read all the Mentzer books and the New HIT by Dr. Darden as well as some of John Little's books (Max Contraction Training). I like aspects of all the books, but i find i make the best gains by sticking to the basic coumpound moves that ive mentioned in my routine.

ive been doing this routine for about 2 weeks now, but ive been training for about 5 yrs. started at BW of 155 and managed to get up to about 190 without any knowledge of HIT. I mainly did basic moves, bench, rows, squats, etc. I discoverd HIT about 3 months ago and Im obsessed with it.

I cant wait for Dr. Darden's new book to come out. any word on when?

BTW, what is the most anyone of you guys has ever diped, or chined for a 1RM? i know Drew Baye has a vid on his site of him doing a very nice chin w/ BW+100. Ive done BW+90 on the chin and BW+180 on the dip for a full range rep.

lookin forward to being part of this,


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Dr. Darden,

I have been training the HIT way for a little over 4 weeks now. I have achieved over an inch on my arms alone (18" to 19 1/8") while maintaining the same bodyweight (305 lbs). I am a believer!! But I am concerned. I tried to explain the HIT system to a couple of friends of mine and they seemed interested. I put them thru one workout. A beginner workout utilizing only 8 of the 12 exercises spelled out in your book. They noticed a pump unlike anything they have experienced before.

The next workout, they went back to their same routine. They said it was too hard. They liked high volume training better. I said earlier I was concerned. My concern is that a majority wants to believe high volume training is better simply because it is easier. I will never return to the high volume way. It would be a waste of time and energy. A lot of time and energy.
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Michigan, USA

Dr. Darden,

Hi, I am writing to get some input here on gains. I discovered your site and have read pretty much all the threads posted here. HIT training has me intrigued as it seems to be an excellent combination of strength and cardio training. My background

Age: 44
Weight: 175
Calorie intake: 2200 calories daily, 300g Carbs, 180g Protein, 35-40g Fat, 25-30g Fiber

I purchased a Bowflex Power Pro with both the Lat tower and leg attachemnts in December. Prior to buying the power pro I was doing upwards of 1500 pushups a week on stands, six variations. Part of this routine was doing dips between chairs. Okay over the course of 3 month I dropped 30 lbs.. Going from 205 to 175 lbs.. In addition to the pushup's I was riding 10-12 miles/day on the off days. Unfortunately I was not monitoring my calorie input/output but once I started on the bowflex I have been tracking my calories daily. I just completed 6 weeks of strength training and didn't measure up before starting but did trim off and firm up in areas that were soft prioir to starting the program. What I found though is that this was consuming a lot of time so after some consideration I switched to the following training routine.

Incline Bench Press, Narrow 2x10-160lbs.
Seated Shoulder Press, 2x10-90lbs.
Seated Lat Rows, 2x10-110lbs.
Functional Lower Back Extensions, 2x10-100 lbs.
Seated Tricep Extension, 2x10-80lbs.
Standing Lateral Raise, 2x10-20lbs.
Standing Bicep Curls, 2x10-70lbs.
Incline Bench Press, Narrow 2x10-210lbs.
One Leg Press, 2x10-180lbs.
Seated Resisted Ab Crunch, 5x15-90lbs.

20 minute cardio on Bike/Trainer, staged intervals, before breakfast

Chest Flys, Wide 2x10-120lbs.
Rear Deltoid Rows, 2x10-60lbs.
Narrow Pulldowns, 2x10-140lbs.
French Press, 2x10-70lbs.
Standing Lateral Raise, 2x10-20lbs.
Reverse Grip Curls, 2x10-60lbs.
Leg Extensions, 2x10-110lbs.
Seated Resisted Oblique Crunch, 5x15-90lbs.

20 minute cardio on Bike/Trainer, staged intervals, before breakfast

Incline Bench Press, Wide 2x10-160lbs.
Lying Shoulder Pullover, 2x10-70lbs.
Reverse Grip Pulldowns, 2x10-140lbs.
Tricep Pushdowns, 2x10-70lbs.
Functional Lower Back Extensions, 2x10-100lbs.
Standing Lateral Raise, 2x10-20lbs.
Lying Bicep Curls, 2x10-70lbs.
Incline Bench Press, Wide 2x10-210lbs.
Leg Curl, 2x10-60lbs.
Seated Resisted Ab Crunch, 5x15-90lbs.

20 minute cardio on Bike/Trainer, staged intervals, before breakfast

I came up with this schedule after reading about HIT. My plan over the next weeks is to continue to increase resistance and trim the fat. Each workout takes about 40 minutes tops with 15-20 second breaks between sets. I have plenty of energy and am looking for some tips or input here to gain some weight/mass. I do plan to measure both body fat and mass so I have a point to benchmark against.

Look forward to your reply and thanks!

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Ellington Darden


My recommendation is to reduce your Bowflex routines to only 1 set of each exercise.

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Michigan, USA

Dr. Darden,

Thank you for the prompt response! I measured my body fat this morning with a pair of calipers. It is in the 14.9-15.3% range. Though my wife would beg to differ as I did the measurement. I would like to get down to about 11%. Would it be wise to cut back on my calorie intake or just continue on the path that I am on? In changing to 1 set from 2 should I increase resistance, say 5-10 lbs.? This would fatigue me faster at 1 set. Or continue to increase gradually? Should I perform reps until fatigue or set them at 12? Please advise and thank you again.
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Ellington Darden


If you want to get down to 11% body fat, I'd recommend that you cut back some on your dietary calories. Up your resistances about 5% and go to failure on each of your Bowflex exercises.

If you have any problems, there are several guys in the discussion forum, who use Bowflex and can supply you with some ongoing assistance.

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Michigan, USA

Dr. Darden,

Thanks again for the input. I did increase the resistance by 5% tonight when I worked out. I also made sure to count 4 out and 4 in on each rep. My muscles are quite fatigued even when doing just the 1 set per excersise. These were done almost straight back to back (as fast as I could change over the bowflex). I will also cut my calories to about 1800/day maintaining the 60-20-20 ratio and buy your book! I post my results in about a month. Thanks again!
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Dr. Darden,

Are there any videos or DVDs available that demonstrate yours or Arthur Jones' principles of HIT? Perhaps Casey Viator, Mike Mentzer, or Nautilus footage? The reason I ask is that I feel that I can better understand the intensity and form aspects if I can view them in action as a supplement to all I have learned from reading your The New HIT book. BTW, I will start the beginning program Monday with the quick start diet to get my body past this 10% BF sticking point I have been at after months of the conventional seemingly endless cardio, high volume weights and repeat routine. Thanks

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Dr. Darden,

Will the quick start fat loss and exercise plan in The New HIT be just as affective as a plan I would find in A Flat Stomach ASAP? I have about 10-15 lbs of fat that I'd like to lose before I start trying to add muscle. I don't really need a long term fat loss program, at least I think. What would you suggest?
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I will try to answer both questions as good as I can.

We, other members of this board, asked Dr Darden in the past why he didn't make any HIT-videos. Darden is not interested in making any videos, only writing books and hold seminars.

Without trying to sell products, check out videos made by IART. Mail Brian Johnston for more info.

I would avoid the Mike Mentzer HIT Video because it contains allot of uncertenties that can make you confused (not Mentzers fault since he didn't edit the video). Post a question on the board about HIT videos, other members will come up with suggestions for you.

The fat-loss concept/principles between the two books doesn't differ from each other:


Go with this as long as you want to, ie when you've reached your goal. Then slowly raise your calorie consumtion.
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A week ago I started the quick start detailed in the New HIT book. I am 21yrs old 5'8'' 162 lbs. My waist at the navel is about 33.75" and according to a illiac calculation my bf is about 11-10%. I have noticed that most of the men who use the quick start are well above 200 lbs. and I wondering if I am taking in too many for my lower weight (1500cal. 60-20-20 ratio)? The reason I suspect this is that even though the book says that the overfat bodybuilder will lose the most, my waist measurements have not shrinked and my caliper readings seem a tab bit higher. Maybe I need more than a week to see better results? Any thoughts or experiences with the quick start anyone?
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North Carolina, USA

Hello Dr. Darden,

After reading your book I realized the past 27 years were invested in overtraining. At 48 years old I'm starting over with HIT and have a quick question about going to failure. I work out at my office (we have a weight room with both free wights and machine)at lunch but usually by myself. Without a spotter, how would you suggest I get the extra 1-2 reps after reaching near failure? Thanks for your advice and encouragement. Mike H.
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Ellington Darden


When you can no longer move the resistance in the positive phase, keep your focus and hold the weight staticly for another 5-10 seconds. That will work pretty well on most exercises.

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Hawaii, USA

Dr. Darden,

I have just purchased a Bowflex Elite Plus from Costco, and two of your books (The New HIT and The Bowflex Body Plan).

I had tried out Mentzer's Heavy Duty training plan about 10 years ago using Hammer machines and actually found myself losing strength and mass. This had prompted me to abandon this genre of training, but after reading the Bowflex Body Plan, I became intrigued and decided to give your method a try.

Due to time constraints, for the last three or four years I have been doing a two day a week full body routine using a combination of free weights and machines. I have now switched to a three-days-a-week HIT routine.

I two questions:

1) After my prior routines, whether they were full body routines with free weights/machines (not using HIT principles, instead going to about 8 - 10 reps for three sets per exercise, 2 exercises per body part) or psuedo-HIT routines with free weights/machines, I experienced muscle soreness for a day or two after my workout. However, with the Bowflex and using one of the Bowflex Body Plan/HIT workouts, I do not experience the same level of muscle soreness. Is this normal, or does this indicate that I am not properly using HIT principles in my workout?

2) I noticed in the Bowflex Body Plan, that the instructions are to take the exercise to failure. However, in the New HIT, I had the impression that the exercise should be taken to momentary failure, then by either adjusting form (such as in the section near the beginning on the bicep curl) or with a momentary rest, more reps attempted. For example, in the bench, I push myself to failure. Do I then stop and end the set, or do I pause momentarily and then attempt another rep and repeat until no further positive movement can be made? Can you please advise me on which is the proper technique?
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Ellington Darden


Yeah, I've noticed the same thing about Bowflex not producing much in the way of soreness. I think alot of it has do with a lack of inertia in the bending Power Rods. But I don't think that presents any problem. It actually makes the exercise safer.

You should go to failure in good form. The New HIT book used an example of going to failure with a barbell. Some of that will apply to your Bowflex machine, but those bending bows should be easier for you to do in a strict manner.

I believe you are going to really like the Elite. Just be patient and practice good form for the first couple of weeks.

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North Carolina, USA

Thanks for your suggestion Dr. Darden. I just finished my workout and tried this with the bench press, shoulder press and bent over rows. The only thing I added prior to holding the resistance as you suggested was to do at least 2-3 partial reps first. These two things indeed raised the intensity level and left me totally pumped like never before and also completely blasted like never before. Thanks again....Mike
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Everything Mike Mentzer built over the years you are now destroying. It took him 30 yeras or so to bring down the volume and frequency ,get rid of full body workouts and now you are bringing it back to the 70s. You are a real moron, but a smart one,making nice money of it.

Only a fool can do deadlifts and squats together in a full body workout 2-3 times a week. Guys it is time for you to think and think properly. Do not let this man to fool you!!!!!!
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Dr Darden

On rest days when not doing HIT with weights, can you perform a HIT cardio workout like sprints, 8x 30 sec, 2-3 times a week? or would that lead to overtraining.
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Ellington Darden


If you are trying to get stronger, I would NOT recommend that you do those in-between-day activities. They take away from your recovery ability.

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Vermont, USA

Dr. Darden

I have used the "How to Reduce HIT Duration and Frequency Over 12 Months" chart on p. 132 of "The New H.I.T". I started with the intermediate routines as I spent the previous 2 years doing various programs from the "Bowflex Body Plan".

I have come to the part where I should be doing 3 workouts in two weeks but I feel I haven't reached the "twice as strong" benchmarks in the basic excersices mentioned and I just don't feel like I'm working out enough.

Ideally I'd like to go back to 2 workouts per week, no NTF and only change when I start to plateau. Is this the best move? or should I stay with the frequency plan from the book. I am 40 years old (male), use a Bowflex Ultimate plus neg. chinups & dips. At 6' 1" I weigh 170 lbs. and am around 9% body fat (tanita scale, i know, i know, not that accurate) thanks to the "bowflex Body Plan".

Thanks for your, and anyone else's advice.
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Ellington Darden


I believe you're right in your thinking. Go back to two workouts per week.

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