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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Creatine For Teenagers


Hi ,

I would love to engage into a bodybuilding program, more specifically, I would like to adopt the HIT program. However, I just noticed an element that puzzles me and that is nutrition. I am assuming that all I was taught about athletic nutrition is wrong, that you have to ingest massive amounts of proteins to grow muscle and many other things. I am 16 years old and need to gain weight.I am lost. I do not know what to believe. And other aspect of the body builder nutrition is the use of creatine which arises many doubts. Is it safe for teenagers?
Thank You,
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Ellington Darden


You're right. A lot of what you've heard about nutrition and athletic performance is misleading. I talk about some of the problems in my new HIT book. A better discussion is in The Bowflex Body Plan.

Two recommended books that you should explore are "Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies," 9th edition, by Frances Sizer and Eleanor Whitney, and "Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook," 3rd edition, by Nancy Clark.

And, at your age, I believe you should wait until you're 18 before you try creatine. But you can certainly apply the other guidelines in The New HIT.

Let us hear about your progress.

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I investigated the book and it seems very interesting. I also found out about thei book "Sports and Fitness Nutrition" written by Robert E. C. Wildman. Do u know about it? It targets specifically nutrition for fitness active individuals.

Thank you.
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Dustin Jordan

Florida, USA

Hey Pauix,

The second book recommended by Dr. D is also for fitness active individuals, and it contains guidance on gaining weight. I think he recommended these two books because they recommend the 60/20/20 (carb,pro,fat)breakdown that he advises. Good luck on your goals.
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I just bought the books from amazon.com. I cannot wait to start reading. Thank You Dr. Ellington Darden for your advice.

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Given my needs (weight gain, more muscle, a little fat), Should I apply Superhydration to my diet anywayz? If not, Can I still adopt the principle "ice-cold water" is better than warm water? I come from a vegetarian family which recently started using Ayurveda (Indian Science of nutrition for life span). According to Ayurveda, you should not drink ice-cold water as it will interfere with the digestive process and stuff like that. What do you say?

Thank you,
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Ellington Darden, i am currently 17 and have a similar train of thought to the thread poster, but after reading the science behind creatine it seams a reasonably safe supplement, but still I?m apprehensive to introducing unnaturally high levels of something to my system and wondering what effects it could have on vital organs such as kidneys. Have you any knowledge of negative efects it could have on ones system/is there any side effects during or when one ceases to use it any longer?

I am interested to know if you have done much research into the product and its possible side effects, thank you.
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