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Superslow Squats


Dr Darden,

Firstly may I congratulate you on the latest book, it is undoubtedly the best book I have read on the subject of bodybuilding/weight training and I am having as much enjoyment putting it into practice as I have had reading it.

My question is - I have been following the Upside Down Bodybuilding programme and am currently about to start Phase 3 which firstly employs the Superslow protocol. Training at home I have until this point merely substituted Squats for Leg Press where specified. Would this be practical for the Superslow stage given the mechanics of the movement or should I continue with this substitution. Furthermore, looking ahead a fortnight you suggest a wide stance on Leg press for the hips - what suggestions could you provide in this regard givent the same lack of a Presing machine.

I would very much appreciate any input on the topic.
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I would really appreciate comments from anyone, Im due to begin the Superslow stage tomorrow and dont know how to proceed at this stage.
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Dustin Jordan

Florida, USA


You should have no problems performing SS squats. Dr. D has recommended them in his book "BIG", and I've performed them during that routine. Just remember to start off with an appropriate, light weight. Sorry I can't answer your second question. Good luck towards your goals.

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Ellington Darden


Yes you may substitute the barbell squat for the leg press during Weeks 1 & 2. In Weeks 3 & 4, use the wide squat (instead of leg press) by moving each foot about 6 inches wider than a normal hip-width stance.

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Bubba Earl

Georgia, USA

I am doing very slow dumbbell dead lifts and it is brutual. I really can not do that much weight. I focus on range of motion and tempo. It has been effective.
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Thanks very much for the responses, i was worried that the extra slow movement may have put too much pressure on the lower back.

After the advice I'll just go for it and give them a shot.

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