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How Many Reps


New York, USA

There is a test in several of Ellington Darden's books. The aim is to determine the maximum number of reps you can perform with 80% of your 1 rep max. The two exercises suggested to test are pullover (pulldown if not available) and leg extension. I tried it and got the following results:

pulldown........4 reps
chest press.....3 reps
leg extension...4 reps
abdominal.......6 reps

I was wondering if anyone else had tried it, and what results they got.
I used 6 to 7 second reps
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The two times I tested myself in the past I got:

Pushing - 4 reps
Pulling - 5 reps
Quads - 8 reps

That led me to believe--or confirm--I am predominantly fast-twitched muscle fibred. Which explains my preference for short sprints over lengthy jogs if given the choice.
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Is the TEST that same as Arthur Jones'? Jones suggeted to first determine your 1 RM then cut the weight to 80% then perform as many reps as possible to failure and that would become your average rep range plus/minus 1 rep. So if you achieve 5 reps your ideal rep range should be 4-6 reps.

Another thing I'm curious to know if at what REP TEMPO did you perform the test (4/4/, 2/4, etc.)?

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New York, USA

Yes that is the test. I do 2 seconds on the positive and 4 to 5 on the negative
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New Yorker,

So if you're doing 2/4 cadence at 3-4 reps you do have a very low TUL on most exercise that would be only about 18-24 sec.TUL per set way lower than what Dr. Darden recommended in BIG and BIGGER MUSCLES in 42 Days which was 60-120 seconds TUL per set.

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NeuroMass, yes that is exactly what I did and I was meticulous in getting it all 100% perfect (or as close as I could otherwise why bother I thought). My rep tempo was about 2/4, or slightly slower, either way I kept the tension on my muscles and away from any form of momentum as much as I could. As I said, I did this test twice with a 2 years between them, and each time the results were the same.
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Hi there,

Yep I did the test years ago a few times and was very meticulous, used a stopwatch on 1 rep max, and reps, 2/4.

10 reps on upper body, 14 on legs, but 8 on forarms.

But I use the test results for six weeks, then 6 reps for six weeks, then 15 reps for six weeks, then super slow, for six weeks, sort of periodisation, I also add breackdowns, stage reps, pre-exahaustion,1 1/4 system,negative only and so on to add variaty to the program.

Thank you Wayne
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