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Indirect Effect


Florida, USA

A contradiction I keep running into is the indirect effect. Arthur Jones and Dr. Darden have writen about the "chemical reaction" that takes place in the human body when it is proprely stimulated. They both have said that if a person were to properly work there legs, that person would see growth all the way to there arms from just stimulating the large muscles of the lower body. If this is true, why do so many hitters do such marathon workout's? Truly, if a person did...
Calf raise
Leg press
Supinated grip pull down
Chest press
They would have worked every bodypart and even if they had not, the indirect effect would pick up the slack(so to speak).
So which is it? is the notion of indirect effect bullshit, or do most hitters do more exercises than they need to.

Brian Nicklas
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Good point Brian, I have essentially designed all my routines around that premise, certain exercises cause soreness in many bodyparts so obviously nothing is lacking by not working them directly. I too am lost why people who abide by the HIT principles work every aspect of their body when a handful of exercises would suffice. Not to forget the extra toll on your recovery abilities.
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The indirect effect does exist (look at the upper bodies of sprinters --- not bad). However, it doesn't mean *optimal* results will come from it. For each muscle to reach its ultimate potential, direct work will be required at some point.

There are different degrees of growth stimulation. I don't recall Jones or anyone else saying optimal stimulation occurs from in the indirect effect. I don't see any contradiction here.
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Louisiana, USA


Well said. Probably not best for anyone looking for ultimate bodybuilding results to rely only on compound exercises.

But it seems the indirect effect approach would be good for the average person, with little time for working out. They'd still probably get 80% to 90% of the results, I would think.
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