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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Fat Loss: A Single Question
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Ellington Darden, Ph.D.

Fat Loss: A Single Question

Think you understand losing fat?
Convince me with your answer.

Since January is the most popular time of the year for people to attempt to lose fat, it seems reasonable to post a how-to, fat-loss article on this Web site. In fact, I’ve done something similar several times in the past.

This year, however, I thought it might be more meaningful to ask HIT readers a single question concerning their knowledge of fat. Here’s the question:

When you diet and exercise to lose fat from your body . . . where does the lost fat go?

A practical understanding of the correct answer to this question can center you firmly on the road to being lean for the rest of your life. In your search for the answer, I’ve covered some of the science in several of my books.

Okay HIT readers, I’m expecting many intriguing responses and a lot of lively discussions.


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Drew Baye

Florida, USA

Ultimately, it all ends up being converted into mechanical energy, CO2, water, and heat.


Drew Baye
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There's a technical answer called a Transfer Function. You need to understand statistics to use it - which I don't :(

I would suggest reading material by Dr. Tim P. Davis (you can find his stuff using any search engine) if anyone is interested.

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I thought I heard somewhere that you dont lose fat cells, they just shrink. So IF that is correct, then the energy stored by the cells is used by the body as calories used exceeds calorie intake. The fat cells dont go anywhere though.
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I believe fat loss is governed by the Law of Thermodynamics. Since a calorie is a unit of heat, and energy can neither be created or destroyed, the heat energy from fat loss is transferred out of your body into the surrounding environment.

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Our bodyfat goes through a complex procedure in our liver to become fatty acid - from which our body produces energy.

A human being is born with a certain amount of fat cells. That amount, unlike muscular cells can grow during teen-age years (varies between men and women).

The more fat a human being is, the more hypertrophy occurs in his fat cells.

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Bad Boy

Florida, USA

Was I disillusioned!
I though the Fat Fairies came in the night and got it !

I'm sorry! I just couldn't help myself.

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Florida, USA

Fat is broken down and sent through the blood system and used for energy
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Hi there all,

I will go with the above,

Fat is broken down and sent through the blood system and used for energy.

Thank you Wayne
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" What happens to fat when you lose it? Since you can neither create nor destroy energy or fat, you can only transfer it. Thus, fat is transferred out of your body where it is put to use by other living organisms and by the environment."

Living Longer Stronger - page 109

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Also discussed in A Flat Stomach ASAP, pg. 222 and the Bowflex Body Plan, pg. 130.
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Mike D.

Ohio, USA

I'd say fat leaves the body as heat (through the skin, breath, and urine) and metabolites (through the urine).
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Bad Boy

Florida, USA

The fat is turned into various compounds such as glucose, which cells can burn when you do exercise. These carbohydrates are turned into carbon dioxide and water when they are burned in the cells.

The carbon dioxide is then breathed out, and the water is lost through respiration (breathed out), perspiration or urination.
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Fat is broken down in the mitrocondria to ATP, water and co2.
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Despite all the scientific jargon, mine seems to have gone into my chest with a 1 1/4" waist loss and chest gain in just 1 week!!! LOL
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What liftnbig said: in my case, the fat has gone directly to my quads, lats delts and biceps. Plus I think some stayed there and magicly transformed into abdominal muscle.

I plan on sacrificing a goat later in thanks.
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Quebec, CAN

When you exercise and diet, fat goes into a multi-dimentional alternate universe (Einstein's third and lesser known theory). It lies and waits there until you consume a few too many calories whereupon it pounces and returns to envelop your waistline. It is also very cunning and can sneak up on you millimeter by millimeter so that before you know it...spare tire. Thereby relegating your smaller pants to the back of the closet.

When you look at the amount of exercise that it takes to burn calories it makes sense not to eat that Oreo cookie in the first place.
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Florida, USA

The fat goes straight from my stomach to my wifes hips. Six months later it will make the return trip.
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Drew Baye

Florida, USA

When I was in high school I heard that a girl was talking to her friends about how she lost a lot of weight when someone who was walking by overheard her and commented, "Look behind you, you'll find it."

Not a very nice thing to say, but witty.

Drew Baye
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Ontario, CAN

A few years back I made the commitment to get down and stay at 10 % bodyfat (from a average 18%). I kept my commitment but initially it seemed as though all the fat went to my head as I became very ?full of myself?. Luckily, photos of the likes of Andy McCutcheon seemed to help vanquish the fat from my skull. This may have helped me stay lean thus far ;^)

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Since fat cells can only shrink and not be removed from our bodys unless physically removed as in liposuction, I would have to say the correct response lies in wether or not as you lose fat you lose weight as well. If you lose weight as well as fat then I would have to conclude that the transfer of fat was used to mantain biological functions in the absense of excess calories. If however you mantained your weight as you lost fat then the excess fat was used to add muscle to the body until it seeks equilibrium which at that point it would use the excess fat for internal repairs.
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Any logical ideas from people for keeping a check on hunger?

I currently maintain a weight of approx 185lb at 6`1" by consuming 3500 calories a day give or take a few. I havent been able to up my weight without adding a layer of fatty tissue around my lower abs and lower lats :(

If I reduce my calories more than around 200 a day I get really very hungry and grouchy! Any thoughts please?
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Washington, USA

Your fat cells do not go away they shrink. The only way to get rid of the cells is to have them surgically removed.
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less food

less exercise

more intensity
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the previous is a reply to heavy duty wizard who wants to gain fat free mass
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