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Fat Loss: A Single Question
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The lipids stored in the whatchamacallit fat globules in the cells get converted to ketones which gets urinated out of your body. Adipose tissue is an organ so like many people said, it just shrinks.
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jgoldy wrote:
Dr. Darden,

Per your suggestion, I have increased my carbohydrate consumption:

Meal 1: Three power bars

Meal 2: Two footlong subway sandwiches with extra salami, cheese, and veggies.

Meal 3: Three protein bars (low carb)

Meal 4: 2 Hamburgers, Five pieces french bread with butter

Meal 5: 2 Mac/cheese stoufers frozen dinners

Meal 6: Large fruit smoothie

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



You have to be kidding me? Is this a serious response?!!

You see, the highly processed bars balance out the junkfood, which is optimal nutrition on the gaining phase where newbies love to get fat and eat till they puke.

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I need some help with my fat loss program. I used to do loads of cardio. With HIT and with what Dr.D said I have nearly cut out running. I am currently at 204lbs. I do not know what my body fat percentage is right now.

When I weighed 209-210 I had a body fat percentage of 16.5. I know it is lower since I probably lost 5lbs of fat. I eat about 1700-1800 calories a day, eat 6 meals, apply superhydration, and work out 3 times per week using HIT recommendations.

Can anybody give me what a good goal too have in about 5 weeks. If out of the 209lbs that I lost was all fat then I am at about 14.6-14.8% body fat right now. Can I get it down to about 10-11% in 5 weeks?
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New Zealand

I agree with 2befit.

Fat passes into the blood (that's where it goes!) and is used for energy. The energy maintains body temperature.

So, you could say fat becomes heat.
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