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Bulking Cycle Duration?


At long last, after training for almost nine months with HIT, and reaching really low levels of body-fat, I have succumbed to the contention that a relatively quicker way of increasing size would be to cease my current negative to balanced calorie diet and go on a positive calorie programme.

I've always been adverse to this idea, as some of you long time posters may already know, partly because I believe that size gain is still possible without extra calories even though its a painfully slow process, and partly because I'm vain and in love with my razor-sharp ab definition and tremendous vascularity (narcisstic bastard!).

But I guess I'm getting bored now waiting for some size on my 13.5 inch biceps. I read on another board that Drew's almost 180 pounds and I was amazed. He's the same height as me and from his words of avaerage genetics like me, so I definitely think I can gain some more size that my current 151 pound structure.

For how long to I have to be on a "bulking" cycle? Two weeks, three weeks? I don't want to spend too long eating extra calories for fear of losing sight of the shore. No point in losing the six-pack if it means just two pounds extra muscle.
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My last bulk cycle my training partner and I lasted just 2-weeks. By then we both had sore knees from 20x1 squats ( a single squat, then 3 breathes with a chest stretch, then repeated till end).
Past that I believe the fat gains start piling on, so keep it on the conservative side and eat and lift BIG!
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I have had great success with 2 week cycles done TWICE per year.


I diverge from my standard twice a week full body routine and do a four day split:

Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - Legs/Abs
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Back/Triceps
Friday - Shoulders/Forearms
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

Each workout is still HIT. 8-10 total sets; 3-6 sets per bodypart (using an exercise for each bodypart in the stretch, midrange, and contracted position). I also incorporate intensity variables like breakdown sets; negatives, 1 1/2 reps, etc. These routines are similar to Dr. Darden's specialization routines in The New HIT and his other books.


I increase calories 500 above baseline level for the first week and sometimes add another 500 calories in the second week. I also load and pack with creatine during this time.

After two weeks of this; I drop my calories back to maintenance and take a full week off of training before resuming my standard 8-set twice a week full body routine.

The increased calories and training volume/intensity are such radical departures from my normal schedule that my body is literally "forced" into muscle growth. Yet because the time frame is so short, fat gain is very minimal.

This is much better; in my opinion, than longer bulking cycles that allow your body to become more efficient at storing calories and adapting to the workout plan.
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Thank you gentlelmen.

I know I can always count on fellow HITers for sound advice.

Well, two weeks it is, then.

I'll post my experiences regulary on here in the form of a journal.

I've tried a "bulk" cycle for four days last month but I got terrible gas no matter what I ate! I was also bloated on both days and I went back to eating maintenance. By the way, I also gained seven pounds in weight! Surely that was my body retaining water?
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As far as diet to prevent "bloating"; I simply add 100 calories to each of my five meals per day. This can be a banana, a couple of fig newtons, a glass of milk, a scoop of protein powder, or a cup of yogurt.

One more thing about the training:

I made sure to train NTF the week prior to the "blitz" to prime myself physically and mentally.

Good Luck!

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I don't beleive in BULKING UP to gain muscle. I think it would be best if you stay relatively LEAN all year round. Of course you need to be on a positive caloric balance diet but just be careful not to OVERDO it like what other bodybuilders are doing beleiveing that carrying EXTRA weight (FAT) most of the year will produce more muscle growth. This is especially crucial for NATURAL bodbuilders. For me to be a BODYBUILDER you should look like a bodybuilder all the time.

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