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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Post Workout Meal


Dr Darden,
Right now I am on the 2 week 1500 calorie a day diet. This is tough. I eat 5 meals a day and about 300 cals a meal. What is a good post workout meal? I hear alot of things about needing x amount of protein and carbs but when doing the low cal diet you cant eat a whole lot. What is a good recommendation about what to eat after a workout. Thanks.
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I always eat a banana or a granola bar for my post workout meals.
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A meal replacement pack (i.e Myoplex, Met-RX, etc.)


Two bananas and 1 scoop of protein powder mixed in 6 oz. water

Both options provide you with a good blend of carbs/protein and are around 300 calories
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Texas, USA

Smoothie King is my friend.
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Ontario, CAN

Do not underestimate the ability of your muscles to soak up fuel post workout. (hard anaerobic work that is). Muscle membrane is very permeable and absorbs well for quite a few hours after ones training session. I have found that dramatically upping simple carb ratio provides quicker recovery without affecting diet detrimentally. That is, if your post workout meal is high in simple carbs you may be amazed how many calories you can tolerate without derailing fat loss. Furthermore if you get a good handle on this it can help keep you body losing fat longer than the typical slow down we see as soon as the body realizes it is being deprived (from what has previously been the norm ie the body wishes to maintain homeostasis for the most part).

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I suggest a good WHEY PROTIEN and some HIGH G.I Carbs also some creatine after a workout. I think this period is very critical for muscle replenishment so as to hasten the recovery process and augment Optimum muscle growth.

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45 minutes before I work out I make a 20g whey shake. I consume half of the drink before my workout with a fruit and then consume the rest of the protein drink during my workout (with added water). When I get home I eat fish/chicken or meat with pasta or rice + vegetables...
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Is there any scientific evidence to suggest that food is obsorbed to replenish the muscles more quickly after training as the digestion of food takes hours if not days to be completed?
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matteos wrote:
Is there any scientific evidence to suggest that food is obsorbed to replenish the muscles more quickly after training as the digestion of food takes hours if not days to be completed?

Funny you should say that because I swore I read somewhere that it doesn't make any sense to consume a ton of protein right after your workout because it still has to be broken down into amino acids to be used by the body.


As long as your diet is decent and balanced, there should be sufficient amino acids in your body to repair the damage.

I have nothing to back this up and I don't even know if it is close to being right, it's just something I read somewhere that makes sense.

Anyone else know about this?
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