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Drop Sets
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New Zealand

kevindill wrote:
Gazz wrote:
Problem with drop sets is one of psychology. No matter who you are, how motivated you are, in doing a drop set you're mentally gearing up to do another set. Chances are, you'll hold back from total failure in the primary set albeit subconciously.

I feel that this is the same to certain extent with pre exhaustion, the knowledge that there is more work to come.

All the best

I'm willing to bet one American Dollar that even when only doing a single set, no intensifier, that 99%++ of people training to failure only reach volitional failure not muscular failure. This, IMHO, is why drop sets, pre/post exhaust etc work. They create the inroads. Its the old issue of, if I put a gun to your head could you do another rep? People who train on thier own are particularly prone to VF vs MMF.

I must be part of the 1% because id end up with a bullet in my head
If i didnt have a spotter id get squashed.

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