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Dead or Squat


Just wondering if anyone here has used deadlifts as opposed to squats , i used to squat but as i train at home now with an olympic set and no squatter or rack i'm more inclined to deadlift ,especially as on the occasions ive tried to squat recently i get a pain just under my right knee approaching the shin bone , however this doesn't occur doing deadlifts. which incidentally i believe to be the better of the 2 exercises .
any thoughts much appreciated
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No need to comprimise!

Get yourself a Gerard Trap Bar


It combines the squat and deadlift in one exercise that requires no spotter and is easier on the back.

I think Drew Baye has used one recently. It is a must for every home gym.

Andrew A.
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Maryland, USA

I actually like the ones from PDA. www.fractionalplates.com . I agree wholeheartedly, PGDL's are a safe and productive way to get the benefits of squats and deadlifts.
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California, USA

For what purpose specifically?

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before i bought a power rack for my home gym i was doing the sumo deadlift as my major leg exercise, standing on a plattform, and coming down until my thighs were parallel to the floor.
this is one option.
some other ones are the regular deadlift, hip belt squat (maybe in addition to the deadlift), buying a trap bar, buying a power rack (for doing squats)...
but first of all you should check which of those fits most to you...
if you`re quiet tall with long legs/arms the trap bar is maybe the best option...
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I'm inclined to agree about the trapbar. I don't own one but I've heard nothing but good things about them. This version of the deadllift is sometimes referred to as a "squat lift"; which makes sense when you see it in action.

As for what's "better" it seems to depend on who you ask or what you read. But, if you were compare the two in terms of total muscles involved and, correspondingly, systemic demand I'd say the dead "wins" since it involves the upper body pulling musculature as well as the legs. Though I suspect that with the trap bar the upper body pull muscles are at least a bit less involved. They're both brutal as I'm sure you know.

As a matter of fact, our anti-HIT Russian comrad, Pavel, suggests a high frequency, heavy weight (5 reps or under) program of deads + one compound pressing movement as the whole routine! While this recommendation is argumentative to say the least, I do know the logic behind it is that the dead offers the "two for one" benefit of addressing the legs and back in one motion. Add the dip (I would, he recommends an esoteric overhead press) and you're covered, so to speak

For the home (or otherwise) a great core foundation would be the trap bar deadlift, dip and supinated pulldown. The first two are definitely safer for the home user than the squat/bench press. Plus, all you need is the trap bar and a good dip/chin station.

This is a contentious statement, but add to the above a variety of rotary and simple movements on a rotational basis and, frankly, I'd say you could get as big and strong as you're capable of becoming.

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oddly enough i have owned a trap bar and im sure they are fantastically productive for most people , i just prefer the feel of doing regular deadlifts ( i always found with the trap bar my arms just feel like theyre hanging next to me )( no offence to anyone who likes the bar, we all have our particular favourite pieces of equipment ) im pretty new to H.I.T and the deads seem to start hitting my legs at round 150kg's ( im getting stronger each week with the HIT training system ) far more than ive ever managed to squat hence the reason for wanting to stick with deadlifts im hoping between deadlifting and leg ext/curls i'll be doing my legs justice ( btw im short and squat so to speak lol )- cheers for all the replies everyone
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