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Custom Bodybuilding


Can anyone please tell me the steps in finding each fiber type for each body part/exercise? Also how to customize routine on a beginner 3 times a week 12 exercise program with all these different TUL, some will be mixed and I know it would be exercised 3 or 2 times a week, Lower TUL once a week and higher TUL is the most frequent?
Would I need an A & B routine? Or an A,B & C routine? The method used to fiber type, is it more accurate than the old use 80% of 1 rep max and see how many reps can do?

Again,thanks everyone.

C Molina
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Bubba Earl

Georgia, USA

I would get Dr. Darden's latest book to have handy as a reference. As a beginner, I would not worry so much about detail like muscle fiber type. You are going to make progress because you are a new . I would focus on the basic. Full range of motion, proper form and at least 4/4 rep speed.

I would work on developing my intensity and getting fimilar with how my body is reacting to H.I.T. As a beginner I would definitly focus on heavy compound movements. For me, I learned how to become more intense. Intensity and proper form should be what you are striving for.

Remember if you complete a rep, you must attempt another one until you can not complete the last rep. You are only doing one set, so do not hold back.

A lot of guys on this board are seasoned H.I.T. veterans and are trying to eke out just a little more muscle. A lot of the details they talk about are not germane to a new comer to H.I.T. and I believe can be confusing to a beginner. Bust it on the basics and you will be succesful.
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California, USA

MedX computerized machines for the neck , low back, quads, hamstrings, and obliques provide a vary accurate means of determining fiber type, by far much more exact than the old 80% of one rep max - method that you refer to. But as there is no method or tool other than the old 80% of one rep max for other structures that is what you will have to rely on for everything else. I am assuming you know the method.

To give you an example as to what a customized workout might look like, this is the routine I use based on fiber type...

1x2 wks Hip ext. 5-7 reps
1x2 wks Leg ext. 5-7 reps
2x1wk Pullover 10-12 reps
2x1wk Flys 10-12 reps
2x1wk Rot.trs 10-12 reps
1x2wk Latrl rse 6-8 reps
1x1wk Tri ext 8-10 reps
1x1wk Curl 8- 10 reps
1x2wk Calf rse 6- 8 reps
1x2wk Wrist crl 6-8 reps
3x1wk Neck 15-20 reps

As you can see, I work hip ext, leg ext and lat raises, calf raises and wrist curls once every two weeks, some others once a week, some twice a week and one group ( neck) 3 times a week, with this fiber type workout.

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Bill, I do not know the method to fiber type. How do I do that?

C Molina
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