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I have been using Darden's new hit book. I have finished 6 weeks each of beginner routine #1,#2, and #3. All this time I have and still have about 50 lbs of fat. I want to lose 30 lbs for now. I need to also do running for police training. Here's what I want to do for the next 3 months. Moday=workout,Tuesday=off,Wednesday=cardio,Thursday=off,Friday=workout,Saturday=off,Sunday=cardio,etc. One day on, one day off. Cardio is every 4 days and my HIT is every 4 days. Is there a better way to not lose muscle while losing fat and keeping my police training in mind or is this good? After a few months it's back to regular HIT with no runnung.
My workout to use on the above for 3 months is:

Lateral raise super set to
shoulder press rest 60 sec.

rows rest 60 sec

fly's super set to
bench press rest 60 sec

barbell curl super set to
1 dumbell 2 hands sitting triceps ext
super set to
wrist curls rest 60 sec
ab crunch

That's it. I don't do legs till a few months again because of the running and don't want legs to get over worked in next few months.
What do you guys think?

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New York, USA

I'm certainly no expert but this looks great to me. You get in you h.i.t workouts a week , 2 of them, and you got some cardio becuase of your police training. Because fo the training you do this will work out good i think.
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Texas, USA

I think it's a mistake to drop the leg training altogether because of the running, except for maybe the first week or two. After that, timing will be important. I think you should do legs on one day a week and make sure that the day following leg training is a true rest day --- no weights, no running.

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