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Nautilus Duo-Squat


Dear Dr. Darden,

I have read your new HIT book and I have found reference to you speaking of Ray Mentzer working out on the duo-squat machine (pgs 69-70). I have purchased a duo-squat machine but I have had a hard time finding literature instructing me on setup/proper positioning and techniques with and without the movement restraining bar.

I would appreciate any and all help including pics. Thank you
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Ellington Darden


The Nautilus Advanced Bodybuilding Book, with Boyer Coe on the cover, has three illustrated chapters on the squat machine. See if you can find a copy on amazon, or ther Internet sites that deal in used books.

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New York, USA

Just out of curiosity, how did you get one? I am asking because in about 2-3 years I am going to look into buying old Nautilus machines and starting my own home gym.


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Florida, USA

Of all the Leg Press/Squat machines made, the Nautilus Duo Squat is still my favorite. I've seen a few advertised on eBay, and some other used equipment sites for as low as $500, in good condition.

If you get one, get a painted one, not chrome. If I remember right, the chrome equipment was made in Mexia Texas (correct me if I'm wrong on this, Dr. Darden), and much of the chrome line of equipment had bushings that seemed to have a bit more friction than the painted ones (made in Independence VA).

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North Carolina, USA

Contact Nautilus in VA. the used equipment dept. I bought one this summer. PM me for phone number and who to talk with.
God Bless,
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