MB Madaera
Lost 31.7 lbs fat
Built 11.7 lbs muscle

Chris Madaera
Built 9 lbs muscle

Keelan Parham
Lost 30 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle

Bob Marchesello
Lost 23.55 lbs fat
Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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"Doing more exercise with less intensity,"
Arthur Jones believes, "has all but
destroyed the actual great value
of weight training. Something
must be done . . . and quickly."
The New Bodybuilding for
Old-School Results supplies
MUCH of that "something."


This is one of 93 photos of Andy McCutcheon that are used in The New High-Intensity Training to illustrate the recommended exercises.

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Breakdancer Strength (Vid)


For those that havent seen this check out the strength of this guy:


I know this isnt related to HIT but the strength when doing some of the moves is amazing.
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New York, USA

breakdanceer are crazy strong. Most workout because you need that strength and muscle to perform that. Also flexibility. My buddy pratices it along with working out and he is friggen crazy strong, he holds himself in the air for longer then most can.
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Drew Baye

Florida, USA

Those guys practice that full time, as they're part of a professional dance group.

It is an amazing display of skill, agility, and physical conditioning, and must have taken years of practice to get that good.
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