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Nautilus Omni Multi-Exercise


I bought one of these last weekend strictly because of what I heard about it on this forum. I paid $400 and it was 30 miles from my parents house and I was buying the guy's Gen II Super Pullover so I said what the heck and took it. I can easily see how you can do weighted dips and chins and calf raises.

There is an attachment with two straps which I think is for doing shrugs, then another attachment which is like a revolving handle with a length of chain (for curls maybe??). Any advice, opinions, instruction, pointers, warnings, tips, etc. about this machine, good, bad, or indiffrent would be appreciated..
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North Carolina, USA

You can build a small platform and do belt squats and sldl. A towel thru the belt will allow you to do tricep ext. You got a great deal in the ome.
God Bless,
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New York, USA

In my opinion, best machine ever made. You can do about 12 exercises on it. Can you post a pic? I am going to buy 1 if I can find one. Here is a list of some exercises you can do:

weighted dips
weighted chins
hands parrallel chins
calf raises
hanging leg raise
--you will ned an attachment for the following--

wrist curl
upright row
seated overhead tricepts extention

--You can build a platform and do deadlifts like Dr D showed in The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book. I know there are a few more, but I can't think of them at the minute. Enjoy it.


PS someday I hope to have one.
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You can do hipbelt squats with it too
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weighted sidebends
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