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Negative Only Workout


Looking for a negative only workout from all of you. Any suggestions would be great. Here is a list of the Nautilus Equipment available to me:
1. Pullover
2. Double Chest
3. Omni Machine
4. Leg Extension
5. Shoulder Press
6. 40 degree chest
7. Curl
8. Extension (tricep)
The rest is free weights with a leg press and a smith machine. Ideas are appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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New York, USA

I occasionally do a negative only workout. What I did was to use the "Nautilus Bodybuilding Book." Dr D has 2 negative routines in it. I just altered them to fit the layout/machines at my gym.

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You have got the makings of a great NO workout with the equipment you have available. But probably NA (negative attenuated) training will be easier to conduct as you do not need "two strong men and a boy" to horse the weights into the fully contracted position for you.....Always a tough proposition to pull off for long.

Having trained NO and NA at various times in my years, I can say that they both work GREAT. However keep two things in mind.

1. The intensity is REALLY high, so you may need to reduce volume and frequency to give yourself more rest. It does you no good to severly stimulate the muscles if you don't give them proper time to recuperate and grow.

2. In my experience, NO and NA training should only be used for fairly short periods of time (say up to a month at a time). The body seems to adapt to NO and NA, just like it does any other type of training. So use it sparingly and I think you'll really like it.

Hope this helps! Best regards.
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North Carolina, USA

Negative only is a great way to workout. With what equipment you have NA is a good way to go. I have been training NO for 15 months. I do 5-6 exercises per workout. At the end of every 4 weeks I take 10 days off and I am still making gains. My gains are small but I am 51 years old and have been training hit for 30+ years.
God Bless,
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Charlie what kind of gains are you talking about? Muscle gains or strictly strength gains?

Who has gained muscle while doing NO?
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I have used NO & NA for many years! What I have found is how easy overtraining can be accomplished with this type of training.

When younger, I maxed out at 5 exercises per workout, with 1-2 workouts weekly. Any more quickly led to getting stale. Also, 3 weeks duration of Negative techniques was MY limit of recovery. In my long experience with negative techniques, I found going to true negative failure led to more DOMS than I cared for. I have tried stopping the NO & NA 2-4 reps shy of failure(NTF), and got great results. If I could do 8 reps, I would just do 2-3 sets of NO for 4 reps. The DOMS was much less severe, and I could do 2 weekly workouts usually. Finally, I have tried NO JRep style, by doing NO just at the range of certain apropos sticking points. This also works very well.
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North Carolina, USA

I gained size and strength. My arms were the largest they have ever been and I am handling weights on no chin/dips I used at age 25, 170 on chins and 210 on dips. I am 5-4 and 170 pounds, my arms are 15 3/4 cold. I did no jreps for 8 weeks and added 1 inch to my thighs. Negative work but be carefull about overtraining.
God Bless,
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What rep speed are you using on the negative j-reps? Also, how many reps are you doing per zone?


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North Carolina, USA

I use 3-4 seconds per rep on 1/3 and 5 seconds on1/2. I will try to get 6-8 reps per zone. I am now doing only 4 reps per zone. I think 4 reps may be better.
God Bless,
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