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Multi Exercise Machine


Does anybody know where I can buy a Nautilus Multi Purpose Machine? Thanks in advance
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New York, USA

Every now and then, you can find one on EBAY. I want one also, but haven't been able to find one near me.

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Ellington Darden

I believe you can still get them through the Nautilus manufacturing plant in Independence, VA. They have a huge warehouse that is full of used Nautilus equipment. Try calling 1-800-NAUTILUS and ask for the person in charge of selling used equipment.

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Michael Petrella

Ontario, CAN

Hi Dr. Darden

I called the 800 number and after getting transferred 5x I finally got someone who had heared of the plant in Virginia. She told me that everything they sell is on overstock.com. When I went to that sight all they had were a couple of adjustable benches.
Do you know of any other way to get ahold of that plant directly, because no one seems to know what is in that plant.


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Ellington Darden


Charlie Haire visits the Nautilus plant in Virginia often, and he also answers a lot of questions on this forum. Maybe he can supply you with a name and number.

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Just because I'm such a nice guy...

Alice Devine
Nautilus Medical & Pre-Owned Equipment Sales - VA Manufacturing
709 Powerhouse Road
Independence, VA 24348
Phone: 800-874-8941, ext. 450
PH: 276-773-2881, ext. 450/FAX: 276-773-3060
Email: adevine@nautilus.com

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North Carolina, USA

Big Mike,
I will be going to the Nautilus plant next week. I will see what they have.
God Bless,
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I would also be intrested to know what they have for sale.
I lucked out with my multi, I found one on e-bay 30 miles from my parents house and paid $400.
I bought it because of the recomendations of everyone on this forum.
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