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Negative Chin/Dip Technique



How do you decide when to end a set of negative reps?

I find the first half of a negative chin or dip much easier than the last half. I could do an 8 second rep by spending 80% of my time in the first half and only 20% in the second half.

After a few reps, I can easily control my speed in the first half, but am uncontrolled in the second half. If I wait until I can't control my speed in the first half, then I'll just drop through the second half and I'm worried about causing an injury if I take it this far.

When do you decide to "stop"?

What do you do about this?

Is spending more time in the first part of the exercise OK? Or are you supposed to have an even speed?

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BF Bullpup

Massachusetts, USA

I stop the first negative rep that I feel like I can't control my speed at all. It's something that you'll develop an ability for after your first few times -- the ability to know when you've reached negative failure.
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AJ Fan,

I am the EXACT opposite. I am weak in the contracted (top) position and strong in the second half.

I'd say you'll have to stop when you can't control it. Possibly try working in zones and work each to their fullest potential.


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North Carolina, USA

Stop the rep when you can not control any part of it. My strength is also at the top of the rep but over time the bottom half will get better. You will always be stronger at the top, that will not change but the bottom will improve. I have been doing NO chins for over 30 years, Dr. Darden taught me how to do them in 1975. I hope that helps.

God Bless,
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