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Pains for Gains-Getting Started


Hello all,

This is my first post to the forum, great to see it here for community and feedback, as well as access to Dr. Darden. Good stuff!

On me, I'm an ex-airborne ranger, now a father of 2 (with one more on the way). In my best shape, I was 165 at 5'11, built much like a triathelete due to the emphasis on endurance related activities in Ranger Battallion. In my worst shape, I was splitting my seams quite literally at 230.

At the start of the program, I was 218. My goal is to get to 175, as I feel this is a weight that will allow for more bulk, and is closer to a "natural" weight for me.

I found the book, and kicked things off on Monday, 7/24.

My first workout can best be described as OUCH. I'm hooked.

But now a question:

1) Though we're pursuing repetitions until failure, can we still expect to see significant improvement if we stop short of that?

Example: I did leg extensions with 90 on Monday. From the slow reps, I was feeling an intense burning by the seventh rep, and by the 11th, I was enlightened as to how much my legs can actually hurt. While I was able to apparently maintain movement, the pain just became overwhelming--and I'm not unfamiliar with pain--and stopped probably a few reps short of complete failure. The legs were dipping, failing briefly then continuing to lift, but I still think I could've completed more.

So, if we only achieve partial failure, can we still expect to see significant results?

As for the diet, I'm actually finding it rather liberating, and find that it's boosting my self-esteem by knowing what I'm going to eat (at least in approximate number of calories), when, and how much I'm allowed for the day. By incorporating quality foods rich in fiber (oatmeal, Kashi Go-Lean Crunch, whole grain breads, etc), I'm finding very little difficulty in controlling hunger and not exceeding my target caloric intake. As a result, I'm down to 216 in two days--I'm guessing due to a drop in insulin from reduced sugar intake, and drinking a gallon + of water a day. For now, I'll take it!

Any feedback on the reps to failure issue would be appreciated. Thanks!
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james pate

Ontario, CAN

I am fairly new here myself. I have been HIT training for only 7 months. I am coming into my 6th week of the initial leaning phase. My overall weight is still floating around 196 ? 198 but I am definitely leaning out. I am presently sitting at approx 12% body fat. It looks like I am going to be in for a second 6 week leaning phase after this one.

As far as training to complete momentary failure; I don?t believe that I get there 100%. I do work to the best of my ability but I know I stop short. Since I train alone I know I stop short. Outside of this I am still making gains. Also, I am starting to push a little farther as I get more familiar with the exercises and refine my form.

I just keep plugging away and constantly strive for improvement in form and the limits of what I perceive as failure. I just do my best to push a little harder and exhaust the muscles a little deeper with each passing week.

Question: Which calorie plan are you following? I have been on 1900 calories/day and I did pretty well by it. I actually have a hard time eating the allotted portions and have now started to reduce my intake a little more.

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Louisiana, USA

james pate wrote:
Question: Which calorie plan are you following? I have been on 1900 calories/day and I did pretty well by it. I actually have a hard time eating the allotted portions and have now started to reduce my intake a little more.


Im on the 1900 plan but have been falling short of that, today I ate 1890 and now I feel stuffed/bloated. I think Ill stick around 1800 or so.
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New York, USA

I have been doing HIT for 1 1/2 years. Besides looking better, I now feel much better. Less fat/more energy.

You will find a lot of great people on this site to respond to your questions.

BTW, I am in the best shape of my life and I keep getting motivated to get to the workouts.

Take care,

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