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8 Week Progress


My progress in 8 weeks


This was the progress I made in 8 weeks, doing a full body workout 2 times a week, for most 2 sets of 5-8 reps per movement.


I just eat like a normal person, 4 to 5 times a day,since I dont do any aer?bics and have a desk job, so, If I eat to much, it will be easy to put on fat.

The progress(weigth in kilos, sorry):

Body weigth:start 70 kg, now 73 kg

waist size:80 cm, now 82 cm(so maybe the 3 kg gain is fat

Leg press:192 kg x 8 reps to 200 kg x 8 reps

Bench press:79.5 kg x 4 reps to 85.5 kg x 4 reps

Chins:B.W + 23 kg x 5 reps to B.W + 26 kg x 4reps

Pull-UP:B.W + 14 kg x 4reps to B.W + 17 kg x 4reps

Incline dunbell bench press:24 kg dunbell x 6 reps to 28 kg dunbell for 6 reps

One arm dunbell rows: 32 kg dunbell x 8 reps to 36 kg dunbell x 8 reps, and 42 kg dunbell(the heaviest in the gym) for 4 reps
Standing barbell overhead presses:35 kg x 6 reps to 39 kg x 5 reps(I am very weak on this movement, or the barbell bench press and the incline presses done first are killing my triceps for this mov.)

Barbell curls:35 kg x 6 reps to 39 kg x 4 reps(the same weigth of the overhead presses, something is bad here)

Lying triceps extension done whit a ez-curl bar:33 kg x 5 reps to 33 kg x 7 reps(the same weigth and just two more reps!!Bad progress

Back Extension:B.W x 14 reps whit 2 seconds hold at the top to B.W + 10 kg x 6 reps whit the 2 seconds hold.

Just to clear, this is the program, whit 2 min rest between sets:

Leg press:2 sets of 5-8 reps
Leg curl:1 set to faulire whit the goal of 10 reps
Bench press:2 set of 5 reps
Chins:2 sets of 5 reps(alternated whit pull-up 2x5 on the outher workout of the week)
Incline dunbell bench press:2x5-8
One-arm dunbell rows:2x5-8
Standing barbell overhead presses:2x 5-8
Triceps work alternated whit biceps work on the outher workout: just one set of 5-8 reps
Ab work: B.W x 2 sets of 20 reps alternated on the outher workout:just one set of back extension of 15 reps

So, In resume, now I will do a 2 week run-up(cuting the weigths by 20 %) then 8 weeks tring to put more weigth on the bar.
Any sugestions for the next cycle?Should I change something to prevent bad progress?I am working in the 5-8 reps range(the better for hypertrophy,rigth),traning each body part 2 times a week(arms directly 1 time).If I gained weigth, the calories are enougth.My progress is good or shold a natural training gains more than this on 8 weeks?
Any coment will be aprecied.
Thank you
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Ontario, CAN

I don't think that 2 cm increase in waist would amount to 3 kg of fat increase. My waist can go up that much from morning to night ;^) I think you should also measure the girth of all your body parts even take some pictures.

I think it is time you reduce rest times from 2 minutes to 1 minute and take all sets (or second sets) to failure. Not a big thing but I would start with the leg Curl then Leg Press.

How about Lunges, Flys, DB pullovers, bent over Barbell rows (underhand grip)? What do you do for arms specifically?

Good Luck, keep us posted.


P.S. how does a normal person eat?... ;^)
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Thank's for your coment.
Well, lets go:

1.Cuting the rest to 1 min, I will do less reps total for each mov and bodyparts, so less volume, and maybe less hypertrophy, rigth or wrong?

2.I dont have acesses to a pullover machine, and the dunbell and barbell versions kill my sholders.

3.Flyes have a injury potential,in my opinion.

4.I do one-arm dunbell rows for back thiknees 2 times a week, should I need anouther row movement?

5.When I call normal eating, I dont worry about how much carbs or protein I am taking, I just eat enougth for not get hungry after.
Thank you very much
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I forgot to mention my arms training.Is just one set to faulire of 5-8 reps on barbell curl(done 1 time a week)and triceps extension done like curls.
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Alberta, CAN

Did you measure your waist at the same time each day, after eating and drinking the same amount? Just like Andrew said, my waist circumference changes throughout the day and is definately the smallest in the morning, with no food in it. It looks like you increased the weights you were lifting, so some of the weight you put on could be added muscle size.

Unless you've actually noticed an increase in fat, I wouldn't worry too much now. I think that you should take overall body measurements, including body fat %, keep training, eating for a couple of weeks and see what the changes have been then. It's often hard to visually see any changes over a short period of time and measurements are definately a more accurate way of determining muscle vs. fat gain. Feel free to change your training/eating routine as you get more experience and advice from the guys around here.

That being said, if you start noticing a fat increase, and don't like it, definately re-examine what you're doing.

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BF Bullpup

Massachusetts, USA

At 5'9" and 73 kilos, I seriously doubt that you've gotten fat. Are you going for mass gain, fat loss, or are you only doing this for fun?
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My gol is to gain mass and strength.
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Texas, USA

You need to drop all this two sets business. Trust me. The extra set is skewing your efforts.

With one set, you go into each workout trying to beat what you did last time by at least one rep and/or 1 to 2 kg --- maybe even 4 on heavy exercises.

You are probably doing too much volume. For now, however, I think losing the second set on the various exercises will reduce the volume enough to kick your gains into a higher gear. Twice-a-week is a good frequency.

If you are not increasing consistently on at least half your exercises EVERY WORKOUT, it's time to drop or alternate exercises. Worry about this after you do the single, all-out per exercise for a while.

We all have our off days, but if you fail to pass muster 2 or 3 times in a row, then it's time to drop that volume back.

Welcome Aboard and Good Luck,
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BF Bullpup

Massachusetts, USA

cgutcu wrote:
My gol is to gain mass and strength.

Coolness. That's also my goal. You can't "eat like a normal person" anymore. Learn how to eat more calories, and how to eat more often (like every 3 hours or so).
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