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Alberta, CAN

I was just wondering if anyone around here has had some experience with ZMA? I've heard a lot about it helping with sleep, but not much else. Has anyone noticed any gains that they attribute directly to ZMA, or are the gains more just a result of better rest?

Also, any advice on how it should be taken? The bottle says to take it on an empty stomach just before bed and not with any calcium rich foods. Generally, how long after a meal should one wait before they can assume they have an "empty" stomach? I also like to have something to eat just before bed as I won't be getting anything for another 7 - 8 hours. Is it possible to take the ZMA a little earlier, wait for a bit, then have the last snack/meal? If so, any advice as to how long to wait?

Thanks for any help,

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Ontario, CAN

ya ive tried it. but i stopped because it didnt do anything. I always took it right before bed about 1 to 2 hours after i ate.

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Texas, USA

I haven't been doing the ZMA, per se, but I've been supplementing zinc and magnesium for the last week or so. I can report sounder sleep over the last two nights (it took several days to kick in). It has also transferred to more active and productive time at work.

I read the following article by Charles Poquin:


It came at the perfect time as I had been experiencing strange sleep patterns recently.

From what I understand, the magnesium is the sleep part and zinc mainly aids recovery. I take a mega-zinc once a day and the magnesium a few times a day. Once I'm satisified my sleep is really on track, I'll probably back off to bedtime-only dosing.

Polquin has some interesting facts about stress, mineral deficincies, and digestive and sleep problems.

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Paul Marsland

Ben don't waster your money with expensive ZMA labelled products just buy zinc and magensium on it's own much cheaper and does the same job. I did find when taking the two I slept much better. Another vitamin I found benefical was B12 as this helped increase my appetite. Experiment a bit and note the results.

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Alberta, CAN

Thanks guys.
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New York, USA

found it useless.
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