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Ripped Midsection


My diet is clean I don't eat crap. I've a low level of BF but the "sixpacks" are growing up like other muscles.
I feel they work with heavy BB deadlift, chins and pullovers.
So I wonder if doing any direct abs exercises at the end of my routine is too much for abs.
Thank you

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Ellington Darden

I believe you're probably fine with what you're doing. You're already hitting your abs both directly and indirectly.

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Drew Baye

Florida, USA

Most clients can't handle nearly as much weight on the abdominal machine if they do pullovers earlier in the workout - if performed properly, they will work your abs very hard.
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Hi Drew,

Does the Dumbbell Version work the abs aswell as the Machine version?

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uh let's not forget the concept of DIRECT FULL RANGE exercise.. the abs are no different. do you not train your biceps after the row? triceps after the press? forearms? low back after the squat?
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Ontario, CAN

I find the reason why people get a lot of abs out of the machine pullover is because they do not perform the exercise properly... they allow the abs to crunch, which takes away from the lats.

When doing the machine pullover, try this:

Do not sit with your back flat against the back rest. Shift your butt up and arch the back, so that only the upper back (around the shoulders and toward the base of the neck/traps) is on the back rest. As you pull the arms down, maintain that arch and try to push the ribcage up. This produces an incredible lat contraction that pretty much disappears if you keep the back flat against the back rest and allow the abs to crunch forward. The end result is very little ab stimulation and a whole lot more in the lats throughout the full ROM.
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