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FightThis 23

Indiana, USA

I could use some guidance. I feel like I'm reading so much information (The New HIT) that it's flooding my mind.

I'm only 5'6" and 118 lbs. I have good muscle volume...for my size. I've got 12 inch upper arms, which are bigger than a lot of guys that are my height and weight (I've worked out consistantly for 6 months but am now starting HIT strictly). I'm going to do a quick fat loss program (I've not got much to lose at all...maybe 1 or 2 lbs of pure fat around navel and 'love handles').

1) Do I do three non-consecutive excercises per week and gradually decrease them only after this 6 month plan of losing fat, bulking, progressive trainging. If not, then when do I start decreasing?

2)Do I only do the 'advanced routines' after I've done the 'loading and packing' phase?

3)I would like to do cardio while leaning out in order to speed it up. I read a really good article on it in a recent Men's Health magazine. Talked about old conventional wisdom vs. recent wisdom. Gave good running programs too. Running 'incinerates' fat more than anything. Will running speed it up?

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Alberta, CAN

Ok, here's my two cents:

1) Don't worry about cutting! With your height and weight and unless you have no muscle, then I don't think you can have more than a couple pounds of fat and you say that you do have good muscle for you're weight. In my opinion, it'd be a waste of time to "cut." You want to put on size and you're going to put on a little fat while you are growing anyway.

If you've only been training for 6 months, then you should grow pretty quickly. Say with the 3x per week. Cut that down only when you've gotten a lot stronger and need the extra rest days.

2) Don't worry about the advanced routines for a while. If you want to put on a lot of muscle, you need to work your whole body, hitting the large muscle groups. For example, doing an arm specialization may increase your arm size a little, but they would probably grow the same anyway with chins, dips, benchpress, rows, squats, deadlifts, etc. Wait until you've put on a good 15 - 20 lbs first.

3) Don't worry about running if you're trying to put on muscle. You don't really need it even when you're cutting either. If you do it for other reasons: work, sports, etc., then that's ok, but it won't help you put on muscle. HIT will give you more than enough cardio work. And again, don't worry about cutting!

I hoped that helped some. Sorry I didn't expand too much, I'm sort of on my way out, let me know if you want more clarification. I tried answering your questions assuming that you wanted to put on a lot of muscle, hence you're on a bodybuilding site and not one for male fashion models. However, everyone has different goals, and they're all valid. If this isn't you're goal, just let me know and I'll retailor my answers, and I'm sure others will offer some as well.

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FightThis 23

Indiana, USA

Hey thx for the reply.

Yeah, I do weigh very little and I assume it's mostly muscle cuz the only fat left on me is my navel and obliques...and even that's not a lot. However, when I put my arms behind my head and look in the mirror I can't see my six pack...at least defined. So I dont' really know whether I need to more 'cut' so that I can have the six pack. That's really my predicament. I want the six pack badly. But overall I want a muscular body.

I've lifted since I was 13, but it was in two month spurts or whatever. I didn't read HIT until September. So I have grown and developed and hope that I can still grow a lot with HIT but idk....I have horrible potential in my tri's and not very good in Biceps either. Anyway, I'm just stuck with the decision to 'cut' or go ahead and bulk up.
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FightThis 23

Indiana, USA

Thx for the reply

I'm pretty sure for some reason my last post didn't go through...I dont' see it. So here goes again lol...

I have lifted for a few years now, but it's been in two month intervals and not very serious. I just read HIT in September. So I should grow yes but my expectations aren't high. I have horrible potential in my Tri's (they look really good definition just bad bulk) and my biceps don't have that great of potential either.

As far as cutting goes...I stand in fron t of a mirror and lift my arms to my head and don't see my six pack...defined at least. So I figured I still needed to cut. I really want a six pack...badly. But in the long run I want to be bigger...hopefully weigh 150 after a long while. I'm just stuck between the decision to continue cutting (cuz I dont' really know for sure whether I need to lose more of whatever fat I have) or bulk up now.
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Hey FightThis23,

I can relate to you because I'm pretty short too, around 5'5.
But 118 lbs, that may be too low to cut weight.

Really, I think you should bulk up. It's not summer yet, so you don't need to care about your six-pack.
If you go on cutting, you'll end up with muscle loss.

1. 3 consecutive workouts per week, not exercises ! If you need more days off between workouts, just rest.
At least 1 day off b/w each workout, and 2 days off are OK too for beginners.

2. Stick with the routines that work for YOU. Routines on the Internet are examples, guidelines you can follow, not something you must absolutely do !

3. Men's Health ?? Mmmh, you can get rid of this stuff, they just want to make profit by telling lies.
You can run occasionally for fun, but try to keep it below 25-30min, otherwise you may be burning muscle.

Eat more and lift !


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Alberta, CAN


You just need to decide where your priorities are right now. If you're absolutely set on cutting that last little bit of fat in the hopes of seeing abs, then that's fine. But where you're at right now, you're just going to hinder muscle building. You need to remember that abs are just another muscle and maybe you can't see them because they need to be developed more.

To be honest, in my opinion someone who's 115 lbs (saying you drop another couple) with abs is not very impressive, no matter how cut they are. I would rather see you put on at least 20 lbs before you even start worrying about abs. If you're a beginner, then that will come pretty fast.

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FightThis 23

Indiana, USA

I have considered the fact that maybe the only reason that I don't see my abs is because they havent' developed. That's really what I'm hoping.

Honestly, my lean out phase was just going to be a quick one. Eat non fat foods and keep the calories at 1500 for two weeks. I was gonna run a little to speed it up too. I don't think I would need to lean out any longer.

I would rather bulk up tho....leaning sux.So I'll really just bring it down to this, do you think the two weeks of leaning will even do that much?

After your last posts I'm more for bulking now and losing whatever fat later.

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I'm about 5'6 as well and i had the same problem. i was doing ab exercise after ab exercise in the rep range of two to four thousand a day. i was into karate at the time and my instructer was against weight training completely and was all about doing endless reps on bodyweight exercises.

i had a small waist, but no six pack, just one partial block on the top. i read in a book about doing ab work only 2-3 times a week with concentrated form builds a six pack. i didn't try it much for a couple of years because i was used to the high reps.

it wasn't until about 2 years ago when i started doing the routines in "the new hit" that i finally trained abs 3x a week with low and controlled reps. i finally got the six pack i wanted. as far as running is concerned, it's ok, but it's better to do sprint intervals, its hard, short, and intense.

look at a sprinter or runner, the sprinter is cut and muscular, while the runner lanky and constantly complains about knee and foot problems.
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FightThis 23

Indiana, USA


That info about running makes sence. I like the idea of just doing some sprint excercises.

I think I will take this week and focus on cutting. Not much will be lost, I suspect, but I'll do sprint excersices and stuff along with 1500 cal diet. Then after that it's onto the creatine and bulking...cuz I hate leaning out.
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To get where you want to go, I would suggest eating like a horse and training hard and smart. Try to add 20lbs in 6 months, and maybe 30-40lbs in a year. Then you should have some fat to cut, and enough muscle for that six-pack.

Im assuming you are naturally thin, which means that you wont add much fat when overeating. Plus you will gain fast as a beginner.

I have been down the road of trying to get cut, with muscles that I dont have. Thats damn near impossible, and it wont look good if you succeed.

From only 6 months of bulking up atleast for me it now looks alot easier to get more cut.
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FightThis 23

Indiana, USA

sweet, thx for the input
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