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Built 11.7 lbs muscle

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Built 4 lbs muscle

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Built 8.55 lbs muscle

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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Built 4 lbs muscle


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Hi guys, I have a few questions to ask about starting The New High Intensity Training course.
Although I bought the book about 18 months ago I have been training different ways. I've now got to the stage where i'm only interested in becoming healthy, fit and strong, as apposed to just the look factor.

I am around 18% fat and have a total of around 35 lbs of fat. If I stripped the fat down into single digits I would only weigh around 150 lbs and this is what has stopped me from going ahead with it. I'm afraid i'll look to skinny, however i'm now prepared to go ahead as there are more important to me than looking big and muscular.

I'm going to start with the 2 week cutting phase as described in the book and then I will continue with a fat loss plan. I would like to know at what stage to stop on the fat loss plan and move on to the 2nd phase.

I would also like to know that while i'm on the 2 week cutting phase and doing the 5 ex as described, do I need to do warmup sets before the main set. I'm assuming that I do. Sorry if this is stated somewhere in the book, i've just missed it.
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Alberta, CAN

If i was in you're position, I'd continue the fat loss until I was sub 10%. Perhaps around 6%-8%. That way you'll have some room to put on some fat during the 2nd phase and still be lean.

Generally for someone who was 150 lbs and wanted to put on some serious muscle, I'd tell them to get to a low body fat first so that their new muscle isn't covered up by fat and so they have more room for error when playing with calorie excess.

Now I believe you said you were more interested in health and fitness than building a lot of muscle right now, but the same thought applies. Also, if you're willing to work on controlling your diet, then starting off with a low body fat has mental benefits as well as you'll probably worry less about a couple of pounds of bad weight, knowing that you can easily lose it and get really lean again.

Conversely, if you don't get lean to start, but know you eventually will want to, then those couple of pounds mean that's a couple more you will have to lose when you decide to diet.

I talk about the above from experience. I used to be big into "bulking," following the "see-food" diet - you see food, you eat it. I was 235 lbs, but held way too much fat (I didn't get it measured though).

I followed Dr. Darden's guidelines and got down to 200 lbs at 6.8%. Now I'm working on building my weight back up, but trying to make it as lean as possible. Being lean to begin with has allowed me to play with calorie levels more freely and I know that if for a couple of weeks, I eat too much and put on fat, then it's easy for me to lose it.

That was kinda a long answer, but hopefully you got something out of it. Now as far as warm ups go - I may do a little warm up before the workout, depending on whether I feel tight or not, but I don't do any before individual sets. As long as you lift in control, than the first couple of reps serve as a good warm up for the last couple hard ones.

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Thanks Ben for your input. I'd like to pick your brains a bit more, as you stated you were in a similar position to me.

I've got around 20 lbs of fat to lose to get down to around 8% fat. I'm aiming to lose around 6 lbs using the 2 week cutting phase and then i'm going to use a fat loss plan from Burn the fat feed the muscle. I will aim for a 1lb loss per week and continue for around a further 14 weeks.

What should I do regarding the second phase, should I continue with the 5 exersizes 3 times per week until I get rid of all the fat.
Also If you have any other advice from what you used while losing your fat, it would be appreciated.
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Alberta, CAN

I skimmed over phase 1 and 2 from TNHIT. I believe phase 1 has you at 1500 cals. I'd stay at that until you lose the fat. It shouldn't take too long.

I used 1900 cals and went from 220 lbs to 200 lbs in 5 weeks. I didn't do anything special except that I was very strict with my diet. I weighed everything, ate nothing extra an especially avoided any extra sugar.

Apart from being strict with the diet, make sure you are going to failure on your sets. You don't want to lose any more muscle than you have too and you need to force your body to want to keep building muscle on a calorie reduced diet.

I wouldn't worry about phase 2 until you're happy with your fat loss.

As far as the number of sets, you need to listen to your body. I personally did 9 - 10 exercises, 1 set per, but there is no point in doing that if the work load is too much and the last sets are just so-so. You can try adding additional exercises, but just be sure to analyze the workout afterwards to see if anything needs to be tweaked or changed.

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Alberta, CAN

Oh yeah, I suggest you take various measurements now and each week from now on. I find it helpful to compare what I'm at to what I measured at previously at different weights. I figure if my arm, chest, thigh size, etc is as big or bigger and my waist size is lower than they were at heavier weights, then I'm doing something right.

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Hi Ben.
I will stick to 1500 cal for at least the first 2 weeks. I will then aim to consume 1500 cal per day for as long as I can keep it up.

I may consume 2500 cal every 3rd day just to stop me from binge eating. I also read this technique in another book called the zig zag method.

I'm hoping to lose the fat that I need to within the same time as yourself, IE 5 weeks. If you have any other advice then please let me know.
Thanks very much for all your help.
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