MB Madaera
Lost 31.7 lbs fat
Built 11.7 lbs muscle

Chris Madaera
Built 9 lbs muscle

Keelan Parham
Lost 30 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle

Bob Marchesello
Lost 23.55 lbs fat
Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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Keep Warm-Up in Perspective


"Doing more exercise with less intensity,"
Arthur Jones believes, "has all but
destroyed the actual great value
of weight training. Something
must be done . . . and quickly."
The New Bodybuilding for
Old-School Results supplies
MUCH of that "something."


This is one of 93 photos of Andy McCutcheon that are used in The New High-Intensity Training to illustrate the recommended exercises.

To find out more about McCutcheon and his training, click here.


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Go Old School, The New Way
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Ontario, CAN

Those have got to be the most popped-out lats I've ever seen, that's one crazy machine there.
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Dr. Darden

Thanks for changing the way I'll look at bodybuilding forever.
What are my options for increasing the weight of my negative chinups and dips? I've moved to a 45 lb plate and need to move on, having more than one plate on the dipping belt is too awkward to work with, but that is the largest plate at my gym. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Ellington Darden

Try hooking a dumbbell on the belt.

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Received the book yesterday, very good read.
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juan cerda

Dear Dr. Darden:
We are a group 3 of teachers who are writing to you from Chile. We, also, are trainees and followers of the HIT school of training. Maybe, this is not the adequate way to get in contact with you, but we need your help and advice. We are not able to buy any of your books, because we don`t have a credit card. Even though, we analyze any piece of information we can obtain on internet about hit or heavy duty systems of training.

We would appreciate very much any help that you can give us, because in our country the high-volume drugs school rules. Here the "training" system is not important anymore, but the amount of chemicals you are able to use. Because in our country "the bodybuilding champions" say: It doesn`t matter the way you train, let the steroids make work for you.....and unfortunately that sucks.

We love bodybuilding, like old school bodybuilders, muscular, strong and healthy and now we feel very sad because of the situation of bodybuiding nowadays. What can we do about it?

Is there any possibility that you give us some material, like old books or any other valuable information to keep on making progress in our training and thought. Thank you very much in advance. Juan, Vladimir and Marcos
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Ellington Darden

Sorry, but I don't have any old materials that I want to part with. I've long ago given any left overs away.

There's still a ton of valuable information on this web site. Thanks for your contributions.

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Ell Darden,

Could you email me an address and amount needed for a copy of 'The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results' and shipping to Seattle. I do not use credit cards or a bank account. I would like to order using a Post Office money order. How's that for old school?

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Dan Brennen

California, USA

alexmac wrote:
The book is excellent, and extremely good quality. Certainly get your moneys worth.

I shall also recommend it to people here, in the UK.

I also love this book and recommend it to anyone whom might need several new routines and are serious about getting all they can from their work out. I also have a question that maybe someone or Dr. Darden could possibly answer. There is this guy on u-Tube from the UK who argues that the Colorado experiment was a sham because he claims that Casey Viater said that he used Steriods during the experienment. I told him that it was a ridiculous notion because Arthur Jones said the only person he ever trained on Rhoids was Sergio Olivia. He claimed that anyone who believes that Casey was drug free knew nothing. Help Please!!!! Thanks-
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John W. Stafford

Ellington, I've been following "The New HIT" for 24 weeks and I just realized that I messed up the 19-24 week routine ROYALLY. I mistakenly cut out the Wednesday workout for all 6 weeks instead of doing the Wednesday workout on the 2nd, 4th, and 6th weeks. What should I do?
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Ellington Darden


You're fine. What you've done may be even better than what I have in the book. Keep progressing.

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Ardent Student

I'm a hard sell and have spend 20+ years teaching and training clients H.I.T protocols. My wife has won 30+ NW Bodybuilding contests training only one time weekly...we're committed.

Recently discovered Dr. Darden's new book and are loving your new version of Negative Accentuated! I'm 63, she's 59 and we are reinvigorated to uphold our lifetime commitment to our "Death Defying Act" of intelligent strength training, now without the unavoidable wear and tear of conventional H.I.T. after 40+ years of training. Thank you!
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Ellington Darden

Wow. I'm impressed. Thank you.

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Dr Darden,

I recently purchased your Nautilus Diet book on Amazon and came across a mention of this book in the Q&A section:

Fat Profits: How to Conduct a Supervised Diet and Exercise Program.

Is this book available anywhere or can you direct me to a book with similar information?

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Hello dr Darden !

I recently got and read your book.What a nice book full with stories and motivation.
I do have some questions after reading it.
Where does AJ say that his advices later training fullbody twice a week?Did he write a book or article on that?And how many sets per muscle ?Did AJ tried or had other try light medium heavy workouts as oldtimers did?
What should you advice for advance trainers on frequency?and volume per muscle?
Friendly ,
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