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Two Stupid Questions


1. How do I use wrist straps? Do I have the excess slack (to be wrapped around the bar) go outward or inward? I find the wraps "unwrapping" as I'm doing stiff-legged deadlifts.

2. What is the proper form for stiff legged deadlifts? I ask this because I don't think I'm doing them right. The way I do them: standing erect with an over/under grip on the barbell, feet about 4 inches apart, bending my knees to where they cover cover the top of my feet (looking down), then I move my hips back and decend to what feels like only a foot at most.

EDIT: The bar comes parallel to my knees.

Then I thrust my hips in like I'm doing the wild thing and do a "back extension". I feel it in my lower back more than anything else. My hamstrings only get a so-so stretch.
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1. Can't help you there. I've never used the straps.

2. Dr. Darden notes in TNHIT not to use mixed grips on the SLDL. Either under or over for both hands. If your not feeling it in your Hams, try using dumbbells instead of the bar. I found that I get a better range using DBs.
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Ontario, CAN

you know what they say, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people
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I don't use straps, but use the staggered grip. It couldn't hurt if you use the staggered grip to keep track of which hand you reversed and do the other one the next time. I just steer clear of straps because it's one more piece of equipment to keep track of.

I have no philosophical aversion to them as some do. But I'm useless to you in telling you how to use them.

As per form, I've been having great success with stiff leg deads recently. I find that while a slow controlled descent is critical on most exercises, it is of most critical importance on this exercise. In fact the whole motion of this exercise is a slow, no-jerk zone.

Make sure you focus on a spot in front of you on the wall (the further away the better) to keep your head up and maintain the arch in the back. (Don't do what the guy in Brczyki's dumbell book is doing) Lower slowly keeping the knees as straight as you can without pain or "pulling" sensations around the knees. You should feel the hamstrings stretch as you go.

Go as far as you dare. A stretch is good. Pain of any kind is to be avoided. Rise up just as slowly and deliberately. Don't snap anything. There are lots of exercises where that might be OK, but not this one.

After years of cycling, my hamstrings were so tight that I could not at all touch my toes with knees straight. With just one month using a barbell for stiff-legged deads, I can go a full 7" further and touch my toes. My hamstrings are noticably bigger and my whole back and posterior chain, while they weren't a problem before, are feeling better than ever. But the key to this exercise is the slow descent in my opinion.
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Manitoba, CAN

1. How do I use wrist straps? Do I have the excess slack (to be wrapped around the bar) go outward or inward? I find the wraps "unwrapping" as I'm doing stiff-legged deadlifts.

I use an overhand grip on both hands, and wrap one strap one way, and the other strap the other way. This keeps them from 'unwrapping'. I used to use the alternate grip, but it caused some elbow problems for me.

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Overhand grip, both straps wrapped from outside of hand around bar to under the thumb evenly under my grip. Never had a problem with them unwrapping.

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For DL , I always used these things called ' Meeko Power Grips' which were invented by a Mr. America in the 80's named Joe Meeko.

They are great for all pulling / back stuff but I've only used them for SLD and Trap bar DL . No way my grip would hold up to the amount of weight I could use. Some guys hate the idea of using anything but I don't see why your grip should be a limiting factor in the amount of weight you use to work your back.

I can't describe them so here's the link ....


I've had mine since the late 80's and I know I'd never have hit my TBDL goals without them. Easy to use , a lot easier than the typical lifting straps.

The Power Grips are the way to go.
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