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Liquid Nutrition?


Pennsylvania, USA

Being a graduate student, my schedule frequently does not allow for consistent, solid food intake. As such, I sometimes get up to half of my meal consumption from nutritious blender concoctions. (I still get at least 2-3 solid meals) The drinks are always whole-milk based, and usually include whole eggs, whey protein powder, chocolate syrup, and sometimes yogurt and/or peanut butter. Does anyone else rely on blender-drinks in order to quickly and easily meet nutrient needs? Aside from convenience, are there any additional advantages to 'drinking' a meal rather than 'eating' one? It seems that sometimes a drink is much easier to get down, and easier to digest. Are there any downfalls to drinking down a meal?
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Jeremy McClinton

The only disadvantage that I can think of is that it is much easier to consume excess calories with a nutrition shake than it is to eat healthy foods which you usually end up feeling full afterwards because of satiety.

So if you are trying to diet down and every pound counts then you can run into some problems. Otherwise I think they are a great addition to your diet as long as you are including solid foods in there which you are with eggs, milk, peanut butter and not just relying on protein powders to build your muscles, which was my mistake early on. Again these are just my opinions but I hope they helped.
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New Hampshire, USA

I use one or two a day, but very basic. Just skim milk and protein powder (Drapers) it shakes up well in the container I use, so I don't even need the blender. On occasion Ill use the blender and add natural Peanut Butter, and/or a banana.
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I have 1-2 shakes a day too depending on my work schedule. I prefer to use oats or fruit as a carb source in mine instead of chocolate syrup.
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