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HIT and Heart Rate


Ohio, USA

There was some prior discussion around cardio, benefits, and how HIT plays a part. So... I decided to wear my monitor during my last workout. I warmed up just walking around, up down stairs, 20 jumping jacks. Heart rate 96.

During the following exercises my rate hit 122 and briefly fell to 105ish as I moved to the next exercise.

Chest Fly
Bench + Breakdown Set.

There was only a few seconds rest between:

Negative DIP
Negative Push up

Rate 132

Seated Row
Trunk Curl 40 Pounds
Calf Raise

Rate hanging in at 138

Leg Press (doubled the weight of last workout and made it to 9 reps)

Rate 145

My target zone is 90 - 153 according to The American Heart Association.

It took a good 10 minutes for my rate to fall below 100, 2 more minutes down below 80 and took of the monitor.

Workout took 19 minutes do to the slow counts of the negative exercises and the breakdown set.

Can anyone recommend a good brand for a Dip Belt to hang some weight on. I'm gonna need it in a week or so.

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Sorry, I'm just curious how you perform the negative push ups. How do you get back to start position?

Thank you
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Ohio, USA

kata14 wrote:
Sorry, I'm just curious how you perform the negative push ups. How do you get back to start position?

Thank you

Use your knees. I drop my knees to the ground to sit back up, get back in start position.

Easier if you use some sort of push up grip to keep you higher off the ground(like the ones on a dip station).
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Ellington Darden


There's a detailed description of negative-only pushups on page 58 of TNBFOSR.

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Or all what is your resting heart rate ???

And I mean resting.

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I did a test about a year ago using a polar monitor. My resting HR is between 50 and 55. The max I could hit during a Brczyki 3*3 workout of Deadlifts, Chinups and Military presses was 166. That is about my lactate threshold in cycling. On a bike in the same week, during a 400 foot vertical climb @ 12%, I hit 178. On longer efforts I have hit 190. So I don't think HR is a very good intensity measure. The deadlifts were certainly harder, but HR response doesn't show it.
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Ohio, USA

waynegr wrote:

Or all what is your resting heart rate ???

And I mean resting.



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A while ago Ken Hutchins wrote:

I am acquainted with several types of pulse monitors. During the Osteoporosis Project, Arthur Jones supervised measurement of my pulse during a hard set of leg press. Used were five different devices or methods:

? A $20,000 Quinton Analyzer

? A chest-halter-type digital monitor

? An ear-clip-type digital monitor

? A digital monitor attached to the distal end of my index finger

? A reliable and experienced nurse manually monitoring my carotid pulse.

The result: 5 wildly different readings. Since we possessed greater confidence in our nurse's manual reading, Arthur summed the situation with: "The body was testing the measuring devices."
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waynegr wrote:

Or all what is your resting heart rate ???

And I mean resting.


Hi Wayne,
I reach my lowest heart-rate by 53 bpm only in really relaxed condition - without being worried etc., sitting on a table it hardly gets under 60 bpm.
During my last weight-lifting-routine my average hr was 155,my min. 110 (at the start after a little warm up) and my max. 178 bpm (mostly at foll.exercises: bent-over row, leg-press, biceps-curl, triceps-extensions,lateral raises) my hr never gets under 140 while changing exercises.
In two weeks i will include squats and deadlifts because i`m only in the third beginner routine of the newhit.
I hope this results are useful for you Wayne or anyone.

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