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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Question on Dr. Darden's Book?


I've got some extra cash saved up and thinking of ordering Dr. Darden's book but I'd like to know a couple things:

I'm interested in training with weights with the focus on gaining strength and improving for basketball and boxing. Does the book have much info on using weights for this purpose or anything of that nature?

Does it deal with cardio and how to increase endurance and stamina? Like the best way to do get stronger by using sprints for example?

Are other sports covered at all or just in general non weight lifting related material?

Is fat loss mentioned much?

What about stretching/warming up?

Thanks guys
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California, USA

do yourself a favor and pick up TNBFOSR (his newest). it's an awesome book with a lot of information. the section on Metabolic Conditioning should be right up your alley in terms of increasing strength, stamina, etc. check out the article FLORIDA DREAMING on this site for fat loss info too.

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Cool mate, thanks for the reply.
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