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Home Gyms

Drew Baye

Florida, USA

Just for fun, answer the following:

If you had just 600 square feet and $25,000 to work with, what would you get?

I know my answer, but I'd like to see what others put first.
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1. power rack
2. barbell
3. plates
4. A good leg press
5. shrug bar
6. 2 pairs of adjustable dumbbells like powerblocks
7. chin/dip station (could be custom built) + dipping belt
8. an adjustable bench.

9. If there is money and space left, a leg curl and a leg extension machine.
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Mr. Strong

I would have plenty of chinning and dipping bars. An area for floor work, such as press ups, squats, sit ups, etc. An area for free weights, barbells and dumbbells and some power racks. Possibly a good leg press.

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Arkansas, USA

two Texas Power Bars
Power rack(with a chinning bar)
trap bar
bench with wide supports
dip station
neck strap/head harness
Nautilus pullover machine
chalk box

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Drew Baye wrote:
Just for fun, answer the following:

If you had just 600 square feet and $25,000 to work with, what would you get?

I know my answer, but I'd like to see what others put first.


A power rack
A bench
An olympic Bar
Some olympic plates
A Dumbell rack

I'd buy used equipment, invest the remaining 23,000, rent out the remaining 500 sq feet, and retire early.

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Texas, USA

Pro Spot HG-6
Powerblocks (5-130lbs)
Adjust. Bench with leg ext/leg curl
Chin Dip
600 lbs free weight
Trap bar
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How much does a Medx lumbar extension cost nowadays?
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Ontario, CAN

Great thought provoking question Drew

Nautilus Multi exercise machine
Ironmaster adjustable DB
TruSquat machine
Powertec Multistation
Trap Bar
Variety of equipment from Ironmind and PDA
Mirrors, Arthur Jones and Mentzer posters
If I could fit it a Nautilus ABD/ADD combo machine

with leftover $$ I would go visit Dr. Darden in Fla

Ottawa, Canada

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power rack
sturdy adjustable bench
olympic bar and plates (incl. fractional plates)
safety clips/collars for the bars
rubber mats
trap bar
thick bar
farmer's bells
dumbbell handles
support chains (for OHP)
dip/chin stand
dip/hip belt
a safe, effective leg press
deadlift platform
wrist roller
neck harness
a pulley for PD, row, etc.

Oh, heck, I would be happy with a safe way to squat, deadlift, dip, chin, and overhead press.
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a 200kg barbell and a radio
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I'd start off with the basics:

Bench/incline, or adjustable.
Squat rack.
Either power blocks or adjustable dumbbells, depending on the price.
Dipping and chinning bar, plus belts.
Power rack.
A calf machine (standing) plus a good leg press.
A whole lot of bars, Olympic bars, and plates in various weight sizes.
Leg extension and leg curl machines if any money and space left over.
A GOOD pullover machine, but is it really necessary? (I'm waffling a bit on this).

BTW, a good idea for a thread, Drew. Most gyms--the old-type, bare-bones gyms, had just a bench, an incline (if they were lucky) dip and chin bar and a squat rack, plus barbells and dumbbells and Olympic bars and maybe a calf machine. If I had nothing else, I'd go with that. In fact, I'd be happy with that right now!

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Having about 600 square feet for my home gym, here's what I currently have:
2 safety racks (okay, power racks)
one with upper/lower pulley & 200 lb selectorized weight stack(includes cross bar supporting at least another 200 lbs)

one late 60s Gibson leg curl/leg extension small footprint

Zane leg blaster - original model, doubling as dip station

Russ Warner Roman Chair squat

One cambered squatting bar - provides relief for rotator cuff

one Olympic bar

one 7 foot Ivanko standard barbell - high quality

several thousand pounds of standard plates made into dumbbells

Key and Hoist adjustable flat/incline/decline benches
Nautilus flat/incline bench

Several stability balls, JC Predator resistance tubes

seated calf machine


What would I add?
leg press/hack slide machine

that would finish up any available space.
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600 sq. feet is pretty small for 25 K worth of stuff. I don't know why anyone would putz around with one or two bars or adjustable dumbells with that kind of budget. 5-6K gets you a half dozen quality bars, a ton or so of plates, and a complete set of fixed dumbells.
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Drew Baye wrote:
Just for fun, answer the following:

If you had just 600 square feet and $25,000 to work with, what would you get?

I know my answer, but I'd like to see what others put first.

Heating and air conditioning first - at least for those of us for whom 660 sq ft means a garage.
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Tennessee, USA

1 Smoothie Bar
2 Tanning Bed
3 Chin/Dip Station
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Ohio, USA

Bowflex Revolution X 2, Olympic Bench, Barbell, Plates. leg extension/curl for free weight use, Leg Press machine, Dip/Chin Station. Dumbell set. EZ-Curl. Nice sound system and computer.

Small Indoor pool(those small ones you can tread water in but you don't move)

Basicall add another bowflex and pool to what I already have.
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I can tell you what I have in my basement right now as a home gym.

About 1000 pounds in standard plates.(I know it's a lot of plates)

About 750 pds of olympic plates.

fixed dumbells from 5-50 in 5 lb. increments.

Adjustable dumbells that you can load to 120 lbs.

Powertec leverage gym. (this thing is great)

Adjustable bench.

trap bar.

smith machine

45 degree hyperextension bench

safety rack.

cambered bar

arm blaster

preacher curl bench.

lat pulley (high/low)

Chinning and dipping station
I've amassed this over 30 years.
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Drew Baye

Florida, USA

I would probably go with the following:

power rack with plate storage
chin dip station
heavy duty adjustable bench
7' and 5' Olympic bars
Trap bar
EZ-curl bar
Fixed dumbbells from 5 to 120
Multi-position cable machine (press downs, flyes, rotator cuff work, etc.)
4-way neck
Leg curl
Leg extension
plateloaded gripping machine
as many olympic plates as I had money left over for
water cooler
super comfortable couch (for recovery)
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I am surprised no one has said they would have that new eccentric edge/negative attitude Monster machine.

I personal have;

Barbells x3 plus plates
Kettlebels x6
Gymnast rings
Rope climb
Monkey bars
Tractor tyres
Med balls
Heavy bag
Jump ropes
Climbing wall
Wibbly wobbly balls
White boards
Rubber floors
Shower/change facility

So much fun and only 800 square feet
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I'll leave out the Lumbar Spine then since I don't know how much they go for nowadays. So I'd go for:

Powertec Leverage Multi-Gym
Power Rack
5' Olympic Bar
Hexagonal Plates
Heaviest set of Power Blocks
Incline/Decline Adjustable Bench
Chin/Dip Station
Leg Press
Water Cooler

Don't really know the footprint, but will probably fit!
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This is what I have in my store at the moment.

Medical lumbar extension Mark II
avenger palte loaded leg press
Olympic flat bench press
Olympic Incline bench press
Flat multi bench
Adjustable Plate loaded cable cross with Dips and Chins station
600kg with Ivanko Easy grip olympic plates
350kg Irongrip Urethane paltes
2 x Ivanko 7' Competition Olympic Bar
2 x Olympic stainless steel dumbbell handles that can be loaded up to 160lbs each

I used to have the whole first generation Nautilus 12 pieces but sold them all to an enthusiast and now friend of mine from Scotland.

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Hi Drew,

Sorry to pick on you again, because I do honestly like, that is the truth Drew, I only want a friendly debate, and I hope the baby if fine, must be coming up to two now, but you did call me an idiot, and you stated many times you did not have time to answer my 7 questions and observations, but you have time for this bit of fun.

I know I have put you on the spot here again, but you did burst in say you thought I was wrong, well as it looks very much like you cant, or would you like to prove it ???

This goes to any of the other people out there that think slow is harder and more intense, lets not spoil this thread as its a bit on fun, lets take it to my fast vs. slow thread where the questions are, and can the people that are not interested in training and only mocking, try and see if you could also have a go.

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To everybody reading this thread, please respond to Wayne (if you wish to) in the fast vs slow reps thread. Let's not drag all that crap over here. I'm begging you.

Let's keep this thread clean and interesting.
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California, USA


Quite surprising.

Almost all had the following:

Power Rack

Olympic Barbell

Dumbbell set

Adjustable Bench

That is impressive, and I am happy to see those as the "foundation" or centerpieces for most GYMs

With those basic tools you then have the foundation to "Cherry Pick" what you want from machines and specialty devices like chin/dip, Pulldowns, x-over cables, leverage machines, etc.

Good thread.

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spud wrote:
To everybody reading this thread, please respond to Wayne (if you wish to) in the fast vs slow reps thread. Let's not drag all that crap over here. I'm begging you.

Let's keep this thread clean and interesting.

Not sure about you guys, but the debating, the you know what, and other things has motivated me even more.

I think I would go with Drews list.

I have quite a lot of equipment in my gyms, but would like to add some of the negative attitude Monster machines.


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