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Elbow Problems


California, USA

hello everyone,

i am following the "florida dreamin'" program and am 3 weeks in and have been experiencing a good deal of pain in my elbows at the completion of my workouts. i am suspecting that it is because of the pulldowns as these have aggravated my elbows in the past. i dont have any history of elbow injury and feel that i have a strong grasp on the form as described dr. darden, so i am not really sure as to why they hurt at the end of workouts. they can be sore for several days after and the pain subsides. my guess is that it is due to the exericse making my joints stronger and am hopefully after a few more weeks/months this will eventually subside altogether.

anyone else experience any problems like this/have any advice? oh, and im 25 yrs. old and am in pretty decent shape at about 13-15% bodyfat as ive been athletic all my life.


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Michael Petrella

Ontario, CAN

If you are doing your pulldowns underhand try using a bar that allows you hands to pronate a bit. I am aware supinated puts your arms in a stronger position but when I underhand grip a straight bar or do straight bar curls I tend to get tendonitis quickly. Just a mild amount of pronation doesn't sacrafice much bicep involvement and may help your elbows.

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Larry T

North Carolina, USA

If your gym has a "multi-jungle", your pulldown station may have 2 pulleys instead of one. If so, you can use individual handles clipped to each pulley, giving you the ability to supinate or pronate your hands to the exact feel that's good for you.
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Reverse Curls and finger extensions with rubber bands around your fingers helped my elbow problems tremendously. The finger extensions probably helped more than the reverse curls.
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California, USA

thanks, all for the tips. my elbows will also hopefully thank you soon too!

im substituting reverse bb curls for by regular bb curls and the pronation idea will work pretty well for me i believe. i have had issues before with my pressing movements and my elbows and the slightest amount of pronation of my hands took care of the problem. i just never thought of it in terms of the pronation being my elbows' savior.

thanks again,

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You might need an adjustment to your radius. Are there tight bands of muscle anywhere in your forearms? You could be dehydrated?

All possibilities. Why not see a professional? I doubt that you will fix this with online debate unless superhydration fixes the problem.
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Unless of course if it just goes naturally.
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California, USA

the tightness in the forearms might be a possibility. i drink at least the 64 oz of water a day. i have had problems in the past with being dehydrated, so i try and watch that as closely as possible. im hoping with the help i received from above, i can avoid having to see a professional. im back in the gym tomorrow, so we will see what happens.

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