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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Built 4 lbs muscle


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Hammer Strength Hip & Back


Hi. Has anyone trained on the Hammer Strength Hip & Back Machine (now out of production)? Is it a good machine - worth buying?
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I bought one at a auction about 2-3 months ago for $250.00. I find it far superior to the other back machines out there. I have some back issues and so far it hasn't caused any of the aggravation that other back exercises have. The resistance curve at the bottom of the movement feels too light. I overcame this by hooking it into my OME weight stack which increases the resistance at the bottom.
A person could chain some dumbells on to the arms to increase the resistance at the bottom.

I also use it for rear neck extensions and have found this to be superior to the Nautilus 4 way neck. It also works for front and side neck exercises. The front extension is a little difficult to do but the side extensions work well. I do abs, also but you only get about 40-70% range of motion (depending on your height) but it works well for me.

The Hammer Hip & Back is a real power movement and I highly recommend it if you can find one.

Lately, I have been doing NA (two legs driving down on positive, one leg only
resisting coming up on the negative-work one side at a time to exhaustion.)

I have tested sitting in a reversed position with my back against the pads and doing regular back extensions and this seemed to work, although I haven't actually tried it with a heavy weight. You can strap yourself in and hold onto the 2 support bars on either side of the seat in this position so it does feel very stable.
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thanks for your detailed answer.
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