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Does Tendon Length in Biceps Really Matter?

Dave Price

New Jersey, USA

Hey Dr. Darden, just a question regarding the tendon length of a given bicep and the potential a individual could have. From the reading of your book The New H.I.T you have a chart listing the different tendon lengths that could make up a trainee's bicep. The longer the less potential he/she has in that muscle. However what is interesting when looking at photos of you in that book it seems clear that the tendon on your bicep is fairly long but yet you mentioned an arm size of 16 3/4 inches which is excellent. Yet looking at Eddie Muller in the book Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks his bicep tendon seems much shorter than yours having a noticeably smaller gap than you. With his tendon being shorter I would think his upper arms would be larger than yours or have greater potential. I'm guessing that the length of the tendon is only a rough idea of what one can achieve? Anyway I was just curious about this and was wondering what you would think thanks.
Dave Price
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its a general principle i would wager.. all other being equal. however short tendons + juice = large myofibrils. you do the math ;)
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Iowa, USA

There are exceptions (freaks of nature) in the bodybuilding world with short biceps and HUGE arms like Arnold, Boyer, A. Beckles, Big Ronnie. For the average individual it gives you a rough estimate of the growth potentail one has in the arm muscle.
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I would imagine it also has a lot to do with amount of training. Darden had been bodybuilding for decades, building his arms up, before he met Muler who didn't have anywhere close to the previous time spent building the ol' guns.

So it would stand to reason that Darden's arms would be bigger, although Muler may have greater potential for arm size in the long term.
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