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Indirect Effect- Dr. Darden


Mississippi, USA

Dr Darden,
Someone said that a 6'man weighting 150lbs could do Squats for a year and he would gain 30lbs and 2" on arms without doing arm work going from 13" to 15". I said he was crazy. No way! muscles don't grow and especially 2" without work. I ask him where he had seen that. He came back later and said in your book Bigger Muscles in 42 Days.

There I was with a long signature block that had on item which said "I consider Ellington Darden to be the most reliable expert on exercise." Damn was I embarrested. How could you have said that muscles grow with no resistance or work being placed on them if you squat. Please tell me you miss that error in your book or it was put in by a editor that had a big investment in a Squat machine company.

Should every teenager go out and do nothing but squat, so they can finally get a 15" arm? Really. Please clarify your statement and take me off the hook.
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Mississippi, USA

If anyone wants to look up Dr. Darden's comments it on page 150 of the book "Bigger Muscles in 42 Days."

In the discussion Dr. Darden did say "The indirect effect depends on two conditions.

One, the larger the muscle mass exercised. the larger the indirect effect will be.

Two, the greater the distance between the muscle being exercised and the muscle that is not being exercised, The smaller the indirect effect will be.

Well that second condition should rule out arms but 2" is not a drop in the bucket for a small muscle not exercised. So why did the good doctor give that example? gee I wonder what his lats or chest did.

What would another year of just squats do?

Tell me this was an error, Dr. Darden.

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I still believe in the indirect effect.


The indirect effect as understood now is poorly defined.

Hormones, blood chemistry, diet, neural chemistry, and literally millions of other things inside the body could play a role in the cascading indirect effect of high intensity exercise.

So to argue over something as poorly defined as the indirect effect makes little sense.

What should be of more concern is the stimulus!

The stimulus is the "rock that causes ripple waves in the pond" that cascades the indirect effect. Less concern on the indirect effect and more concern on proper stimulus seems logical to me.
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Ellington Darden

Yes, I remember writing that. Jones said something similar in 1970. Looking back, it's probably a bit of a stretch to relate 30 pounds of overall muscle from only squatting and, as a result, 2 inches of muscular size on the upper arms.

I do, however, believe there's something to the indirect effect. But perhaps not as much as I originally thought.

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Mississippi, USA

Thanks for the reply. As I researched the net I found the later studies has found the increase in T to go away after the exercise and return to normal levels.

It may be present but it isn't a good enough reason to not to do curls. There seems to be a fad started to do compounds to the complete exclusion of isolation exercises. I am not ready to go that route.
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