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Pendulum Questions

Travis Weigand

Just wondering how the pendulum line ranks (compared to say Hammer or Avenger) in terms of pricing, strength curves, friction, build quality, adjustability, etc.

I haven't had the opportunity to use any Pendulum or Avenger equipment yet and wanted to know what everyone thinks.
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Michael Petrella

Ontario, CAN

Pendulum is great stuff.
I have used or owned several hammer strength, Avenger and Pendulum.

Each company has machines I prefer but in regards to Pendulum they are very heavy duty.
Avenger and Pendulum tend to be heavier construction then Hammer.

Pendulum actually uses the most heavy duty bearings I've seen on anything. All 3 are plate loaded and thus mostly frictionless.

I enjoy the strength curves on most of the Pendulum machines. The lat pulldown is a really nice one.

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New Pendulum or "old" Pedulum?

There was a change in that company.....

I have a couple of the "old" pieces ....
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I have the Pendulum Squat.It was a Tyler original not a new vintage.It is a great tool to workout with.Something like a safety squat bar on a leverage machine.I have the Pendulum Chest Press and the Avenger Chest Press.They are very good much better than the Hammer.I have the Avenger Shoulder Press and that is great.

The Hammer Shoulder Press was not very good I sold it after a short time.The Pendulum Shoulder Press whilst better than the Hammer was not good for me.It was made for a larger man. I am selling it at this time.The Pendulum Hip Press I am also selling.I never set it up so I cannot say if it works well.
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Travis Weigand

Nautilus1975 wrote:
New Pendulum or "old" Pedulum?

There was a change in that company.....

I have a couple of the "old" pieces ....

I suppose I'm asking about both new and old. I'm not very familiar with the older line though.
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The original Tyler Hobson was great.The newer Rogers stuff looks glitzier.Fort Collins Fan seems to know the Pendulum the best and prefers the old stuff.Alot of used old Pendulum seems to be coming up for sale.If you can get a Chest Press they are great.
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Since yesterday I put the Shoulder Press back together and it is actually pretty good. I also put the Hip Press together and it feels like a Hammer Leg Press except the seat is canted forward so you do not need shoulder restraints to keep you from flying up.
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Michigan, USA

Visited the Rogers Athletic manufacturing plant today. They now make the Pendulum line of machines. It was impressive. They have a state of the art manufacturing plant. They also have a parent company that produce risers/seating components for some of the major college and professinal arenas in the country. As well as being the #1 manufacturer of football sleds and training equipment in the U.S. Why is this important? Because it means they have the financial means to really do it right. They don't depend
solely on exercise equipment for their
revenue. They continue to tweak and improve the existing Pendulum
machines as well as moving forward with new products in the line. They now make a combination 4-way Neck/Shrug machine that is dynamite.
The 3-Way Row is also an outstanding piece. I've mentioned before on this board that their Power Squat Pro is hands down one of the best lower body machines made by any company. No, I don't work for Rogers, just calling it as I see it.

Tyler Hobson, the original designer and owner of Pendulum continues to design Roger's new machines. Former Univ. of Michigan strength coach Mike Gittleson works with them to test and refine the prototypes into finished products with the input of college and pro strength coaches from around the country. I saw some very innovative new machine designs they are working on.

You wanted to know about Pendulum?
The new machines are great. We have Pendulum in our high school facility,
as well as Nautilus, Hammer, and MedX Avenger. I am a big fan of the Avenger line, but MedX quit producing them a few years ago. If you can get your hands on a used one, great. But if you're going plate-loaded and buying new, go with Pendulum.

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For the record as far as plateloaded machines are concerned. I think Pendulum is one of the best. New or Old they are heavy duty and frictionless. Tyler has an amazing eye for detail and I have owned most of his full line. They just feel right and too boot the new designs are totally kick ass looking. Check the videos on the website www.rogersathletic.com

The icing on the cake is that Tyler is one of the nicest people in the industry.
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Is the only difference between the Hip Press and the Seated Squat the angle of the seat? The machines look identical.
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Florida, USA

I feel that it's better than most and as good as any. Glad Tyler was able to get with Rogers Athletic. Randy Roach was intrumental in some of the earlier designs.
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I am selling the Pendulum Shoulder and Hip Press for $1200 each.Anyone interested PM me.
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One last note on the Hip Press.I used it this morning and I have to say it is very good.Better than the Hammer. It must be the shape of my body that likes this machine.My quads get a tremendous workout. Fort Collins Fan says his hips and glutes get the better of the workout and quads less.

My body also responds well to regular squatting with the quads getting the most work.What I like about this machine is you can let the weight sink deeply at the bottom and you stay solid in the seat.You do not roll up. Unfortunately I do not own this machine I was holding it for a fellow known as "Giant Behemoth" and now two people are interested in buying it.

Well that is way it goes. Great machine if you find one buy it with confidence.
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I have been training with Pendulum Equipment for the past four years... I have access to Nautilus, Medx as well as old Nautilus... The Pendulum pieces (Hip, Chest, Pulldown, Shoulder, Gripper) are the best I have ever used. The strength curves are right on and they are super smooth.

Also they are built like tanks, and Tyler is always available for comments or discussion on ideas or just to chat.
Its too bad that most have no idea about this stuff.. If you get the chance to train on some Pendulum for a few months, I think you will be a believer as well... The best in my mind - hands down ...
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I already sold the Pendulum Hip Press.I still have the Pendulum Overhead if someone is interested.
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I live in the Uk and have a Tyler Hobson original Pendulum machine - with squat, deadlift, curl, triceps extensions, military press, chat press, low row andab station attachments plus matching handle rack and weight tree. i love them but the kids need the space! Brian Johnston = great, great guy - kindly organised for me back in 2001.

I am open to offers for selling. Thanks.

Mark Henry

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Brian Johnston

Ontario, CAN

Hi, Mark, great to see you here. We haven't chatted in a long time. For other board members... Mark came over from the UK to Canada on holidays a ways back, and while here he visited me. I was making a video at the time (on different set variables, e.g, drop sets, forced reps) and Mark was filmed for it. I remember most distinctly his inability to give in on a particular method... he just kept going and going. He sounded like he was in dire pain, but would not stop. The set lasted so long that I edited it down, lol. He's a first class act all the way... one of those rare individuals with ethics and scruples. Here's your chance to own a Pendulum multi-station (I still have mine and use it regularly), and you can be rest-assured you can trust Mark Henry on the transaction.
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I would very much appreciate feedback from the community here on their views and experiences regarding the Rogers / Pendulum Seated Squat Pro.

At present, I already own the Standing Power Squat Pro, which IMO is the best standing squat machine money can buy. However, while I am very pleased with every Pendulum machine I own (Chest Press, Combo Lat Pull, Prone Leg Curl, Pro Squat), I am getting mixed feedback on the Seated Squat Pro.

Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to try the Seated Squat Pro myself. When I visited the ?brain? behind Pendulum, Tyler Hobson, at his workshop in Texas some years back he had almost every Pendulum piece there?except for that one. I also made several other attempts during various visits to the US over the years to find and train on the Seated Squat Pro, but it just never worked out?.frustrating. As you can likely gather by now from my e-mail here, I do not live in the US. Though a US citizen I live full-time in Europe?Belgium to be precise.

The Seated Squat Pro has a pretty substantial list-price coming from Rogers, and by the time I figure in international door-to-door shipping, customs charges and taxes, the machine will cost me the equivalent of about 9000 USD. That is a chunk of change and not a particularly spouse-approved expenditure, but a man?s gotta do what a man?s gotta do. Before I hand out that kind of cash, I would be very grateful for added opinions on that unit. Specifically, I have following questions:

1. In your view and benchmarking the Seated Squat Pro with other top-of-the-line seated leg / squat presses you know of, is its movement truly superior?
2. Do you think that the unit has any drawbacks or major areas of improvement? (I have gotten some feedback from users that they experienced much knee pain with this machine, and that the POS and NEG strength curve is just not good)
3. Is it a disadvantage that the upper seat pad is fixed in position instead of being incline adjustable?
4. I am fairly strong on squats (for reference, I do my 5x5, full-range sets with 770 lbs on the Power Squat Pro) and am concerned that the weight horn capacity on the Seated Squat Pro machine may not be sufficient. Is this a valid concern?
5. Are there other seated squat / leg press machines that you would recommend instead?

In short, is it money well spent?

I realize that the latter questions are subject to one?s own biases and no two bodies are alike, but as I have not had the chance to test this machine and won?t have that opportunity in the foreseeable future I much value your insights. Any feedback appreciated and Thank You in advance for your time and support in this matter.
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Brian Johnston

Ontario, CAN

I suspect that price may be close to double of what you can get in Europe from other companies. You have to ask yourself: "will I get double the results?" I doubt that very much. Then you have to ask yourself: "will I like it better than any other leg press?" ONLY YOU can answer that, and that requires trying it out and not asking other people what they think. There is equipment out there that I like that others claim is crap or very mediocre. For example, on the other end of the spectrum, I did NOT like the Pendulum squat, and yet you do. Hence, be careful what advice you take when it comes to the likes and dislikes of equipment, since choices often have to do with personal feel and groove and NOT the results one piece of equipment can produce compared to another piece.
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