MB Madaera
Lost 31.7 lbs fat
Built 11.7 lbs muscle

Chris Madaera
Built 9 lbs muscle

Keelan Parham
Lost 30 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle

Bob Marchesello
Lost 23.55 lbs fat
Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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of weight training. Something
must be done . . . and quickly."
The New Bodybuilding for
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Carbohydrates or Fat? Which is Optimum?

Dave Price

New Jersey, USA

Dr. Darden just the person I need to talk to.

From reading many of your books I have become very familiar with your nutritional protocols which call for 60-70% carbs, 25-30% fat and 10-12% proteins. I also have noticed the many success stories that you have had training clients with this diet. In many cases these clients have increased lean mass and lost fat mass. However, I have done a lot of reading which suggests that carbohydrates are the main reason why so many people are overweight. Much of the reading I have done says how carbs are the cause of increased fat due to how they influence the hormone insulin in the body. It has been mentioned that higher fat diets allow the body to increase fat burning as this will be the main source of energy for the body when carbs are restricted. It seems logical as the higher fat diet would allow the body to use much less insulin. However, I am a bit skeptical of this approach. Is it true that higher carb diets such as the one you choose would cause insulin to pack on too much body fat and limit fat burning? I bring this post up because every where I look there is conflicting material on nutrition and I have no idea what to believe.

Thanks Dave Price
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Better to have Balance

Don't forget serotonin

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The reason people are overweight is that they eat too many calories from calorie-dense food, especially processed food products.

Darn hard to consume too many calories on a whole natural plant-based diet.

Meat, oils, nuts, most boxed processed products, restaurant food is VERY calorie dense. harder to lose weight eating these than it is steamed vegetables and fruit ;)

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There's a big difference in 70% carbs of, say, 1,600 total daily calories and 70% carbs of, say, 5,600 total daily calories.

The first example will not make you gain weight, it will make you lose weight. You can't gain weight if there's no calories to gain weight from.
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