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Warning to Personal Trainers Job Seeking in Orlando

Drew Baye

Florida, USA

Feel free to share on other forums, email lists, etc. This is copied and pasted from my FB wall:

Someone interested in becoming a personal trainer emailed me earlier for advice and I was reminded of the earlier warning I posted about Body Slam and figured I should post it again. I will continue to do so as long as they are in business, to prevent other trainers from getting into the situation I did.

I would advise anyone seeking employment as a personal trainer to avoid Body Slam for several reasons:

- Commission on training sessions is below industry average and far below what an independent trainer can make.

- Trainers are only paid a commission for sessions but are required to be at the studio a minimum of 8 hours on weekdays regardless of their client schedule, and without additional hourly pay. The standard for commissioned trainers is to only be required to be at the studio or gym for their scheduled appointments and the rest of the time is theirs.

- The non-compete clause is excessive and unreasonable and basically traps a trainer in the job. If you quit you are not allowed to perform similar services within a 30 mile radius for up to 18 months - for an area like Orlando a 5 mile radius and 6 month duration is reasonable. You are also not allowed to train ANY clients you trained at Body Slam anywhere else for up to TWO YEARS after leaving - even if they were clients that YOU brought there to begin with!

- Trainers are required to perform various cleaning services beyond just keeping their work spaces neat, without additional pay. This is something the owners should either hire a cleaning service for or do themselves if they do not want to pay for it.

- If you disagree with the policies or refuse to work for free you are bitched at and told you are lucky to be working there and are threatened with firing (told you are "replaceable").

- The marketing has more to do with the owner's ego (wanting to be on the radio) than with what is effective for the business. The vast majority of leads from Body Slam's radio advertising were not qualified, but Marc continued to spend a large amount of money on radio because he wants to be a celebrity.

- Trainers may be expected to perform their own outside marketing, without additional pay. Normally this would not be an issue, but studios that require trainers to perform their own marketing often pay a much larger commission on training sessions than what Body Slam pays.

- Body Slam has been attempting to start group training programs for a long time. If they do, the pay will be a very small fraction of what a trainer could make doing group training at a normal gym or on their own as a "Boot Camp" instructor.

I could go on and on, and also address problems with the owner's treatment of employees, but I think this is enough for most people.

If you are a personal trainer you have much more profitable, flexible and enjoyable options in central Florida. There is no future for a personal trainer at Body Slam - long hours for below-average pay and if you ever try to leave you'll have to put your personal training career on hold for an unreasonable amount of time or leave the area.

If you know someone who is a personal trainer who is looking for work, or if you frequent message boards or discussion forums where trainers may be looking for work in the Orlando area, please share this. In fact, send it to as many people as possible. Working for Body Slam was the biggest mistake I have made in my career (and I've made a few) and I hope I can save other trainers from making the same mistake.

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Robert Francis

New York, USA

Thanks Drew.
Who in the hell would train at a place called "Body Slam"?

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Pennsylvania, USA

Sounds like his ideas are a lot like how pro wrestlers are treated. Wonder where he got that idea.Bend over and grab your ankles,Cant work for someone else near or for a time period. Drew that blows, alot of employers have that you can replaced thinking anymore. You will forget more the Marc will remember about training. One door closes another opens. Dave
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Joshua Trentine

Ohio, USA

zanderinst wrote:
Thanks Drew.
Who in the hell would train at a place called "Body Slam"?


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Ontario, CAN

Such is the industry at large where the pathetic cluckers sit on the know nothing eggs.

Gyms are run at a Mickey Mouse level and supposed trainers bumble around trying to earn a living doing something more interesting than digging ditches.

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