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A Weak Workout Today


I had a weak workout today.

First off I worked out in the morning, and I should have known better.
For whatever reason I always have bad workouts in the morning.

I am much better after 3pm.

It is also very humid here in North Carolina.

I started with side oblique bends on the Nautilus multi 130 lbs 20 reps each side
Standing calf raise on multi with only 130lbs 20 reps
Hip and Back machine only 140 lbs 20 reps
Leg ext. 15 reps 200lbs
Duo Squat 16 reps 350.
Nautilus neck and shoulder, only 2 plates 10 reps
Tri extensions on the nautilus plate loaded bi-tri 75 lbs 8 reps
Dips on the multi only 3 reps.

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Ontario, CAN

Yes I have never been a morning guy either. Even if I feel tired in the late afternoon my lifts are always stronger. I do think it is healthy to change it up once in a while though because the morning training being tougher with the humidity allows for a added unique stressor. What doesn't kill us right...

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I prefer working out in the afternoon and am my best then, but unfortunately my life does not permit such. At 5:30AM I am up and at it. My work schedule and family/home commitments are such that that is the time available to train. Its either that or don't do it. Priority wise my family/home and work commitments come in higher in the pecking order big picture wise. I must get to bed before 10:30 PM or I'm a disaster in the morning when I train. Although I train everyday, I only weight train 2x weekly or 3x every two weeks (run, swim...(pool in the backyard), bike, self defense train etc on other days). I am a creature of habit and get up at 5:00 every morning and have a coffee and a banana and then get to it by 5:30AM to include the weekends. I usually eat a more substantial breakfast after a shower.
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I prefer training in the morning if I can sleep in. If I have to get up early, I prefer early evening.
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