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So today, after my main lift, i decided to have a go at ramping static holds on a pec deck machine.

It went like so after a warm up...
- 120kg x *
- 130kg x *
- 140kg x *
- 150kg x *
- 160kg x 13 seconds
- 170kg x 10 seconds
- 180kg x 6 seconds
* 15 second holds

The only rest was changing the weight for each hold.

I dont believe its at all neccesary to come back down the weights like with MPP, essentially it would be like preforming one drop set after another.

Pecs where well and truely pumped and fatigued. My conlusion, A nice change of pace, intense, concentracted and something different. I may salt it in here and there on a couple of exercises, but its not a means to an end.

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This issue (Robat) is seen in Crossfit from time to time.

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