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Dr Darden: Zig Zag of Calories?


New York, USA

Dr. Darden,

I was wondering why in your programs you keep calories linear for fat loss and don?t zig zag them up and down throughout the week? Have you ever experimented with zig zagging calories with any of your clients in the past? Anyone else can answer with experience as well. I appreciate all comments.
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It doesn?t do anything for better fat loss that way. In my experience too much variance day to day in calories like you mean can also lead to some crazy hunger signaling on lower calorie days. Consistent over the course of the entire week is the way to go.
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I'm not Dr. Darden, but there are a few effective ways to zig zag calories.

Also an effective method for maintaining a calorie deficit long term is to zig zag macronutrients. Generally what you do is briefly return to a slight calorie surplus or pre-diet maintainence calories while dropping protein slightly, decreasing fat, and raising carbs to make up the difference. This will reload the muscle cells with glycogen and stimulate an increase in leptin to counteract some of the negative effects on hunger and hormones a sustained deficit creates.
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