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Built 8.55 lbs muscle

Jeff Turner
Lost 25.5 lbs fat

Jeanenne Darden
Lost 26 lbs fat
Built 3 lbs muscle

Ted Tucker
Lost 41 lbs fat
Built 4 lbs muscle


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ARX & Dr. McGuff
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ATP 4 Vitality

ptcrusader wrote:
Average Al: I enjoyed your possible explanation of the McGuff video and his possibly adapting his approach. Perhaps the post of the year.

I also think Mark is a very smart, well read pharmacist whose posts add value to this forum. They are very thought provoking as long as his posts, and the responses to his post are kept on a civil level.

I truly advocate for civility as this forum has become the intellectual go to site for knowledge concerning exercise. While that may never have been the intent of Dr. Darden, it certainly has happened. Consequently, why not keep it civil and discuss topics like the knowledgeable folks that we are?

This is the # 1 site for information on exercise. We set the pace. Not T-Nation. Not bodybuilding.com. It started with Bio-Force, and will not end with ATP 4 Vitality! That is why people like Dr. McGuff , Drew Baye, Ken Hutchins, Trentine, Sky Dog, and other such exercise deceivers do not post here any more. They have no control over the posts here. They lack humility! They can never be great like Dr. Darden.
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Chris H

epdavis7 wrote:
Chris H wrote:

i frequented BBS when Marc posted there.

What he posted was good stuff.

Generally speaking, yes. I frequented the board back then too (although I never posted). Sometimes though he would do as he does here. You don't need to dig too deep on this board to see what I mean. We all get a little goofy in our posts from time to time, but his are rather unique in their style (not necessarily content whether I agree or disagree with his opinion or not). He uses a lot of cliches and hyperbole and frequent insults to those who disagree with him (I realize I insulted him in my post which is not usually my way of doing things, but some people...jeez). The BBS board has been long gone due to hackers.

I am one of the people SuperSlow worked for for my purposes at a point in time. General strength and as a supplement to the things I really enjoy. I do not recommend it for powerlifters, stongmen competitors and the like because of SAID. Currently I am not doing SuperSlow, but using a 4/2/4 or 4/4 rep cadence for about 40-80 secs TUL ie 5-8 or 6-10 reps dependent on exercise and contraction point. There is nothing magical about this cadence, but it allows me to use controlled form to achieve what I want to do. I'm big and strong enough to do the things I like to do and have to do and I use it primarily for metabolic conditioning in a safe and controlled manner (ie not crossfit)and to maintain and even build a little strength along the way. I have trained differently and lifted some substantial weights in the past using traditional strength training programs.

BBS as mentioned was written at a fixed static point in time. There is no conspiracy theory going on. Neither McGuff or Little are getting rich off this. Even Dr Darden has changed programs and introduced new things along the way (as did Arthur Jones previously).

I don't know if he's a troll, serious or mentally unhinged. Its not my concern either way. I've even agreed with him at times, but damn he is just so weird (there I go again being insulting lol).

yeah Marc can be a tad abrasive - lol

My comments in regards to SS were not intended to belittle those who can dial it in, and benefit from it, but as an illustration of McGruffs intolerance for any view outside of his own, and close ciecle.
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