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US Army new combat fitness test


Should be a go by 2020..


"ACFT consists of six events that are based on the tasks a Soldier might encounter in training or combat. The events are completed in order and take from 45 to 55 minutes for an individual Soldier to complete."
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Really interesting. Take someone like Turpin. He's strong on the trapbar deadlift. He's strong at pullups. He's strong at parallel bar dips (and thus pushups). That's all you need to be good at to totally ace this test.

The girl in the video had pretty good form on the trapbar deadlift. Of course loads of young male recruits will load it up with hundreds of pounds, round their backs and yank with everything they've got because they are hardcore alpha males or some sht.

There should be marks for form on the trapbar deadlift. But there won't be. And people will get hurt training for it.
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And a two mile run to end the testy. Otherwise the test would be too meat-headed. Aerobic base is a must.

Weakness of the text is it?s so gear dependent.
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Jesse Lee Otis

Why doesn't the Army - and the other branches of the military - put any emphasis on leg work like squats in their PT & tests like the one in the video? They make the recruits do pushups until they puke - but nothing like squats (or even squat thrusts). Leg & lower back strength is essential - as all you guys know.

Jesse Lee
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Trap bar has a good amount of quad work. Squats require too much equipment, gotta have some sort of cages, and require more time to teach properly. Trap bar works more muscles and it seems every body-type can do it, unlike barbell squats.

That test will end up being an annual thing. Most PT will still be calisthenics, running, obstacle course, and rope climbing.

I think the marines have it correct, their Combat Fitness Test is much more 'sport-specific' and the only gear they use it was they use in real life situations. The Army should just use the same test and save some money.

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