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Built 3 lbs muscle

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too old

Just a thought, but have you tried jumping into the chin up? Then slow lowering negatives?
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Ray200 wrote:
I wrote about my chinning in an earlier thread.

Yes you did and I should have remembered as there aren't too many guys knocking out multiple sets of 10 in pull ups and who told me about 'ladders'.

I can't believe how well that method of grouping reps works and I only take about three or four deep breaths between groups.

But I do 'cheat' on the way I do them , LOL I will do the first set of ten like you explained as 1/2/3/4 . But after a minute rest I do the second group in reverse as 4/3/2/1.

With pull ups I still haven't completed that last one of the second set but it's the first time I've been abe to complete 19 reps in pull ups in two sets.

'Ladders' is a great method to thanks again for the advice.
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