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My Son, Tyler
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I have used a static hold of 30 seconds with a slow eccentric decline, 10 reps and a 30 second eccentric protocol for a few years. While I don't profess to have the pedigree or the desire necessary to convince folks to use such methodology, Dr. Darden may.

Personally, I have used a similar protocol because I desire functional strength necessary for sports and/or life. Functional strength requires one to pick up things, hold things and set things down all under control. For me (n-1) this protocol works.

If body building was a desire, I would add another set or two. I suspect that Dr. Darden may have other or additional reasons and I await his book.
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Virginia, USA

My son is out of college now and really misses those days rowing on the water.He was in the best shape of his life then. We have several shells including two singles and a double but carting it to the distant water and all that's associated with it makes it an event that happens few and far between these days.I keep dreaming of a place to live on the water.
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If your son is that good then...do I hear the word "scholarship?"

I'm sure you've already looked into this:

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Virginia, USA


Did or is Tyler going to row in college?
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Ellington Darden

entsminger wrote:

Did or is Tyler going to row in college?

Yes, Tyler is interested in rowing in college. He will be a senior in high school next year so he has some time to decide for sure.

On his high school team, there are 50 guys involved and 70 girls. From what I hear, the girls have a better chance at getting a scholarship than the boys. This is primarily due to the Title 9 situation that was passed several years ago, which made colleges raise the sports available for women.

For example, three or four girls from his team last year are on scholarships at Stanford, Ohio State, and Texas. Two guys went to Syracuse.

I don't believe any of the SEC colleges have men's rowing as a scholarship sport. Alabama recently added a women's program. None of the major universities in Florida have men's rowing -- at least, not yet.


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Virginia, USA

== Scott==
My son was as a Summa Cum Laude and excelled at everything but it?s pretty clear rowing was at the top of things he loved!
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Pretty typical of kids to prefer video games.

I also love how Ellington Darden has a tough time convincing his son's strength coach of an alternative way! :)

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entsminger wrote:
I keep dreaming of a place to live on the water.

LOL, how would you even begin to move anywhere with all those Nautilus machines ??
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