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Built 3 lbs muscle

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Steroid Testing


Does anyone know how to get tested for steroids in the UK. I haven't a clue but would like to get my son an myself tested, now and in six months to show we train clean. Also my son actively competes in grappling and MMA and he's never been tested so I'm guessing neither has any of his competitors. I see many 'experts' on youtube who I'm highly suspicious of. I think taking advise from a steroid user when you train clean is a mistake. If getting tested is cheap and easy I'll get it done.
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I think I understand your concerns:

1. You and your son want to prove you are non drug using.

2. If you are not being tested then other people aren't and could be using PED's.

The answer? Sorry but that rests in the laps of the organisations who run the events. If they test they test; if they don't they don't.

You could repeatedly get tested out of your own pocket to prove you don't take but why bother as everyone else will not.

Obviously this is a genuine issue with you (otherwise why post) and I wish the best for you and your son going forward.

Best Regards.
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